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Impulse display at Pathé Cinémas

Impulse display material for Pathé Cinémas

Sept-2023 — Because every film is a journey, Pathé Cinémas attaches great importance to a warm welcome in spaces that exude quality, promising a comprehensive film experience. From counters and terminals to waiting areas and access to cinemas, the furniture is designed to enhance the feeling of fun and excitement.

To showcase its impulsive candy range, Pathé Cinémas commissioned us to design and make specific display materials. Attracted by the selection of treats near the ticket terminals, the self-scan setup transforms visitors into shoppers.

The organic design and colour palette of the materials blend seamlessly with Pathé's interior, bringing an exclusive feel to the offer.

Impulse display materials for Pathé Cinémas

These units were produced in two widths: 40 and 80 cm. The candy offer can be arranged flexibly on adjustable shelves or blister hooks. Thanks to the hidden wheels underneath, the sales activity is moved effortlessly.

This furniture is solidly made of metal with transparent shelf edges and dividers. The communication on top is replaceable. We worked with the Pathé team to design a specific price tag as an ultimate call-to-action.

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