Why a floor-standing display unit
should be a part of any marketing collateral?
+ what are the types? + examples


floor-standing or free-standing display unit (FSDU, stock-holding floor-stand, floor-display) is used in physical retail environments to hold products from which the consumer can shop. All shops, especially supermarkets, are likely to feature these marketing communication materials supplied by the manufacturer of the products. They should be a part of every marketer’s mix.

Because it is a fully independent fixture, it can be placed disruptively about anywhere on the shop floor, preferably in the busiest areas on the pathways of browsing shoppers. Or it is used in key areas, such as near to the check-out to tempt customers for a last chance for a latent, indulgent or rewarding buy.

As a stand-alone off-shelf device it is more likely to catch the eyes of consumers, who prefer brands they discovered first. This is what makes floor-displays great! Consumers are much more likely to buy a product that jumps out at them rather than something that sits among other products in the middle of the monotonous shelf.

Placing a floor-standing display unit in the eye line of customers is the best way to catch their attention and therefore sell products. On the longer run a display material continues to deliver results because the majority of consumers will consider becoming loyal to a brand after their first purchase.

Why are they popular? Here are 4 reasons why we believe, according to our biased opinion, that they are a brilliant idea.

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1. Shopping consumers find them useful

According to a recent survey from POPAI (the point-of-purchase industry association), nearly 75% of shoppers notice display materials and the products inside them. They say also noticing the branding. They consider they are relevant, non-intrusive forms of advertising.

50% of respondents consider display units to be important to very important. They increase the likelihood of spontaneous buying or the willingness to switch brand. 40% of those surveyed had spontaneously bought products, or bought a product that wasn’t their usual brand, because it was showcased on an attractive display.

We believe that shoppers in browsing mode are often willing to wait for the offers on display to help themselves in the buying process and to improve the speed and convenience of shopping.

2. They make shops less predictable, less corny

Stimulating sales is by far the first benefit of any display solution. But no matter how big the impact is on the shop floor, a display will decorate your warehouse if retail doesn't want to use it. Shop managers and department heads need to be convinced also.

Good imaginative materials can be appreciated by retail for various reasons: they can facilitate store operations and free up time of store assistants, they can maximize the utilization of precious space, highlight featured products, facilitate product storytelling, let customers fully experience the products, inform and orient decisions in a self-service format, ...

In sum, they make physical retail spaces convenient, interesting, exciting, less predictable and less corny. With always something new to discover through displays, convivial points of sale become real "shopping experiences" for customers. A win/win for retail and brand manufacturer.

3. ... and there's more for the brand

Saving an offer from the relative anonymity of the store shelving, stock-holding display solutions are covered with branding to effectively expose together brand and product with maximum appeal. As well as being eye-catching manner of showcasing products, a floorstand is an excellent form of advertising.

Indeed, as consumers notice the display units and the products inside them, they will also notice any the name of the brand, colors, scenery, grahics and key messages that are printed on them. They are therefore an excellent way of reinforcing branding efforts and highlight the distinctive strengths of products on the right moment, the last step of the customer journey.

4. They are adaptable solutions that have unlimited versatility

A floor-standing display unit is a 100%-custom-made independent fixture. First of all, it is adapted to integrate the constraints of the target retail environment (and department). But the biggest advantage is that it is customized and manufactured to any shape & size, with no limits!

Originality is essential to stand out. Unlike fixed shelving installations, they are easily adaptable to a brand, target audience, and above all, the offer on display. A sleek display that organizes the merchandise neat and tidy on product-specific shelves, accessible and ready to be picked-up, doesn't just look good, it also helps customers to find faster what they need.

All of this means that shoppers are more likely to pay attention to what is in these display units, rather than what is on the regular shelves, meaning that more products are likely to be sold.

Not only merchandising (product presentation) tactics, but also informative or educational content can facilitate a pleasurable experience and suggest knowledge and expertise. Such positive experiences ensure that customers come back more often.

Because they are polyvalent solutions without limits, it is important to match them to the financial capacity of the products on display (expected turnover, margin, lifetime, long term effects of the activation, etc.) The content of the creative briefing can advance priorities early in the development process.

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Permanent display materials: what are the types of floor-standing display units? + examples

The key to an effective floor-standing display units? 100% customization, because there are many good solutions adapted to any context. Because of their diversity, it is vital to know the different types and how they are used.

We focus on permanent or semi-permanent displays, which are solidly made of durable materials to be used for a longer period of time on a busy shop floor (as opposed to promotional or cardboard displays).

Shelved display

Shelved floor-stand

Equipped with shelves, repositionable or not, they allow for more than one type of product to be displayed.

Blister pack floor-standing display units

Blister pack floor-stand

Equipped with peg hooks, they are the right material to complement blister type of product packaging.

floor-standing display unit - dispenser


Dispensers always keep smaller items, gadgets and irregularly shaped products neat and tidy.

floor-standing display units - display case

Display case

They are closed on all sides by glass or transparent plastic windows to protect the most valuable articles from direct contact with shoppers.

Digital stock-holding display

Digital floor-stand

Digital stock-holding display units are equipped with digital screens or (connected) touch screens to animate the offer.

floor-standing display unit- isle display

Isle fixture

These are powerful type of floor-standing units that can be accessed from any direction. All products can be browsed with ease.

floor-standing display unit - carousel


A spinner is a rotating fixture. The spinner adds more interest and is a great space-saving feature.

floor-standing display unit - wall display

Wall fixture

They are designed to be set up against a wall or against the end of an aisle as an end-cap.

floor-standing display unit - power wing

Power wing

Power wings, or sidekicks, are space-effective solutions. They are slim and stand against (or are fixed to) the sides of an end-cap.

floor-standing display unit - pillar display

Column fixture

Also to maximize space utilization, these materials are customized to cover architectural columns.

floor-standing display unit - glorifier


Difficult not to notice, a glorifier (or theatheralisation) aims to encourage the act of buying by creating a spectacular, even "euphoric" atmosphere.

floor-standing display unit - dumb bin

Dump bin

These are space-effective solutions to hold larger amounts of the same merchandise. It deliberatly says that the product has been dumped, "it's a bargain!" - an extremely effective way to move merchandise.

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Custom-made displays are a good idea to sell products and increase brand awareness. Do you need a strong display that will move your products? Reach out today to set up a free consultation. We will find the best solution for you.