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American Tourister Backpacks Display Stand

American Tourister
Backpack Display

[] Tired of dull travel gear? Since 1933 American Tourister brings more fun to your adventures with unique designs in vibrant colors like lemondrop yellow, indian pink, and aqua turquoise. And their backpacks are no different!

We’re proud to have created and made this stand to display these exciting backpacks you can rely on. Appealing to both young and old seeking fashionable accessories, as it can stand on the floor or mount on a wall, it's perfect for any store. Adjustable parrots allow the flexible display of ever-changing models, keeping things fresh for customers.

This display is eco-designed, made from infinitely recyclable metal and has a minimal footprint — less than 50 kg CO2 equivalent. Pilotes is committed to the climate, and this year we've partnered with EcoTree to offset half the carbon impact of all our materials.

POP display for Paraboot Shoes & Boots

Window display for Paraboot Shoes & Boots

[] At the recent Shop! Awards, Shop! Association looked back on 60 years of in-store excellence with a retrospective exhibition. We were proud to may contribute with this treasure from our attic.

Our iconic trunk from the early 1990s was used by Paraboot as a window display. It won the prestigious Coup de Coeur at the 1st edition of the POPAI Oscars, as the awards were called back then we were known as Architecture Publicitaire.

This display was designed by our founder, the late Jacques Dedeine. Nostalgia and warm memories! 🥹

Retail shelving: the merchandising techniques and solutions

[] Retail shelving merchandising, or the techniques and solutions used to organize and enhance retail shelves and fixtures, creates value and increases the profitability of stores.

With numerous solutions available, tailored to various contexts, products or buying behaviors, it is crucial to understand which solutions are effective and how to use them to attract attention and develop more sales.

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SHOP! Awards: >Double win for our LEDBOX Yves Rocher

LEDBOX Yves Rocher:
double recognition

[] We are thrilled to announce that our innovative LEDBOX won the Shop! Award Gold 2024 in the category "Window Display: Fragrance & Beauty”.

But there’s more: our LEDBOX also won the transversal Grand Prix for Sustainable Development.

Why this double award, you wonder? Click below to find out more 👇

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Visual merch in retail: a strategy to drive temptation

Visual merchandising: the strategy to drive temptation in retail

[] In the competitive arena of retail, where shoppers arrive with increasingly high expectations, nothing is left to chance. Retailers and brands that present their products neatly and logically, without causing confusion, attract more customers likely to become repeat buyers.

Focusing on product presentation in supermarkets and specialty stores, let's review some of the basic merchandising tactics.

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Floorstand Monin Syrups

Floorstand Monin Syrups

[] MDF displays, or displays made from wood fiberboard, are popular for their affordability, ideal for a semi-permanent material. But they often look grey and uninspiring. We're rarely fans.

This Monin floorstand shows how a few details can pimp the experience in stores. A copper strip conceals the gray edges, while colorful printing creates a visually appealing look. The result? A display that grabs attention and entices shoppers. A QR-code provides access to special recipes.

Animation tables for Sephora

Animation tables for Sephora

[] Gloss advertising is no longer enough. Today, beauty brands need to be able to bring their products to life in shops.

We were delighted when beauty specialist Sephora tasked us with manufacturing these animation tables for the entrances of their stores. These versatile display materials fit into Sephora's shop design and can be adapted to animate diverse offerings, stories and surprises.

Retail animations make shoppers feel connected to brands. In the beauty category, where trust is essential, these innovative displays provide the perfect platform to build an immediate emotional connection with visitors.

Want to discover more display solutions for the beauty category ? Click below 👇

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POP displaysystem Tarkett iD Click Ultimate

POP displaysystem Tarkett iD Click Ultimate flooring

[] In most flooring stores, sample boards are used to help customers make their choice. However, these can be cumbersome and difficult to handle, especially for Tarkett's large and heavy iD Click Ultimate luxury vinyl tiles (LVT).

Therefore, we have designed a display system that eliminates this challenge! With our system, you can confidently choose the best floor for your home!

Click below to learn more.

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POP display for pharmacies: L'armoire à beauté

L'armoire à beauté

[] During a recent retail visit, we came across this innovative approach to retailing: by setting up high-quality displays within pharmacies, L'Armoire à Beauté offers emerging or trendy beauty brands an opportunity to to break through into physical distribution, showcase their products and raise awareness. Additionally, it has the potential to attract a younger customer to pharmacies, particularly those interested in alternative or independent brands.

This business model reflects the evolving retail landscape, where traditional stores are adapting to the growing influence of indie or influencer marketing. Moreover, these displays are visually appealing, enhancing the overall attractiveness of the offering.

POP display Hakwood luxury wood flooring

POP display Hakwood luxury wood flooring

[] When the expert in engineered wood tasked the Goddard agency with reviewing its identity, they understood already the importance of presenting samples at sales points. Click below to discover how PILOTES did contribute to Hakwoods's new brand identity?

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Neuhaus Easter window display

Neuhaus Easter window display

[] Are you ready for an egg-citing Easter weekend? 🥚🌸 At Neuhaus' iconic chocolate boutique in Galerie de la Reine, a 65 kg Easter egg takes the spotlight in the window display. Crafted and adorned with care by the talented Maîtres Chocolatiers, it's a true masterpiece. Neuhaus' limited edition Easter sets offer a delightful treat for all the senses! Neuhaus' Easter window display invites us to embrace the most vibrant season.

How to write a creative brief for your POP or display material

How to create the ideal brief for your POP or display material

[] Every project, whether marketing or not, needs preparation. The foundation of any POP material, a unique solution, requires a good briefing – the necessary step at the project's beginning!

Creating a good brief isn't easy, but by accurately defining the playing field for your POP partner, you'll save time, energy, and avoid disappointment.

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Neuhaus Valentine's Day window installation

Neuhaus window installation

[] Sometimes 💕 love 🩷 can taste a bit sour, don't you think? Or is it just us? For Valentine's Day, Neuhaus' Master Chocolatiers had something else in mind. They teamed up with Belgian flower chef, Lieven Lootens, to create three exquisite chocolate hearts that blend the delicate flavor of roses with the gentleness of chocolate.

And we was proud to partner with the inventor of the Belgian praline for their Valentine's window displays. The setup features a soft-colored arrangement that tells the story behind this culinary delight, presented in a limited-edition Love Letter gift box. Who would've thought that roses taste so delicious?

9 Tips for Successful POP Campaigns

Tips for Successful POP Campaigns

[] POP advertising can appear in various forms. No matter your message or objectives, creating, developing, and making your POP materials requires careful consideration.

To help you in creating and crafting an in-store campaign, we've compiled nine practical tips. With these suggestions you implement a campaign that is relevant and captivating.

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