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How the coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we use retail spaces

[] Today, shops are reopening. They welcome consumers that got used to on-line buying and home delivery. This is the opportunity for physical retail environments to free up precious space (and time) to allow feature products to shine, to facilitate product storytelling and to let the #shopper fully experience products.
The point-of-sale industry can be a partner in this transition. POS materials can make physical retail spaces interesting and exciting, with always something new to discover and reasons to come back more often in-store. Read more

Neuhaus window animation

[] It’s time for Christmas when Mariah says it is! Christmas window made of wood, plexi, LED and tulle. The Christmas tree & skyline is made from real chocolate by Neuhaus master sculptors. Even in the toughest of years Neuhaus wishes you a pleasant journey into the magical season.

Hollywood chewing-gum with Oral‑B Technology

[] Hollywood (Mondelēz International) and Oral-B join forces to offer a fluor-enriched recipe, a mineral that's essential for building strong teeth. We developed 4 complementary instore solutions to mark this introduction in supermarkets. Two highlight the innovation in the busy checkout area: an on-shelf frame + a "easy space" fixed with magnetics to the shelves. And two extra-visibility solutions on the shopfloor: a playful side-cap and a floorstanding display unit. Oral-B technology is getting you one step closer to that "Hollywood smile".

[] A display is by definition a contextual solution with a clear goal: make merchandise shine on the shop-floor. Rigorous manufacture methods aim to meet less emotional, more technical objectives, such as lifetime, function and the weight of the products being presented. On the left, a photo of an extra-solid metal frame for a floor-standing unit able to carry a heavy assortment of spirits for as long as needed.

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[] When it comes to instore communication telling too much is probably the biggest mistake. Always pressed for time, the shopper barely wants to read anything. Or he's gone already before the end of your story.
Instore communication must therefore be short, simple and consistent to deliver one quick message. How quick? It depends. In most cases, a few seconds is too long already!

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How to impact shopper behaviour with instore communication?

[] As the consumer pushes his shopping cart through a shop, he searches for relevant and readily available information to decide which departments to visit, which products to research and buy. In doing so, an overwhelming number of messages hits his over-stimulated brain.

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Eight secrets of how people shop

[] As you enter a grocery store and browse the shelves, you are tired, annoyed, indifferent and pressed for time. You don't really enjoy shopping, right? You deserve a reward, don't you? Do you still think you make rational shopping decisions?

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[] Starbucks is now available in supermarkets, in some with this extra-visibility tool. With a wooden frame the coffee brand gives its shelf location a natural and quality appearance. A stopping-power sign is placed perpendicular to the shelves, noticeable from a great distance. Well executed in quality materials and colors according to Starbucks DNA.

Read more about on-shelf POP materials.

On-shelf POP material for Biotona Japanese green tea

[] Introducing a new set can be tricky. With so many products on the shelves, it's a challenge to get noticed from the beginning! Pilotes PLV takes care of grabbing shopper attention with 100% made to measure on-shelf solutions! Differentiating packaging + made in metal for a long-standing dedicated space + the wooden frame breaks the monotony of the shelves + good visibility on the set + bright color palette + maximum impact → the ideal solution for product launches. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression

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[] We spotted this POP material in a pharmacy. It presents a range of skin and hair care based on Monoï, an infused perfume made from handpicked flower petals. The display made from wood elegantly brings authenticity and a natural touch to the communication. A structure made from multiplex, 3 layers of stained wood, provides stability and mechanical strength. A real eye-catcher!

Read more about the advantages of wood in POS display.

5 steps to develop a successful point-of-sale display for your brand

[] Five phases guide the development process of a POP material that successfully meets commercial and communication objectives.

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The best retail shelf management materials explained

[] There are thousands of articles in a single store, but how do you make a range stand out from the shelves ?

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[] The effectiveness of a display material doesn't only rely on how spectacular it is. Even the simplest material can have a great impact. This on-shelf cross-merchandising material for Lenor brings together complementary products that are consumed together. Smart !

Read more about on-shelf POP materials.

POS materials: 5 good raisons to use wood

[] Solid, durable and resistant, wood is ideal for subliming POS display. Examples & explanations here ...

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Back to basics: effective retail merchandising

[] With a focus on display initiatives, let's revert to some of the basic rules of retail merchandising.

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10 point of sale display tips
to increase retail sales

[] Once customers are instore, how do you get them to interact with and eventually buy your products? 10 tips with examples to help you do just that.

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12 most effective types
of retail displays explained

[] What are retail displays and how are they used to influence people standing in the aisle to decide what to buy and to reach to get it. Explanation and examples ...

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What is point of sale material ?

[] Point of sale material (POS, point of purchase, POP) is the collective name for all communication tools that support or advice purchase in a physical sales space, where they influence shoppers.

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POS display: think materials !

[] Wood, metal, aluminum, plastic, glass, cardboard, rope, stone, textile or leather ... materials, accents, contrasts, textures and reflections condition shoppers in many ways.

To succeed in the cluttered visual environment of shopping, careful choice of materials allows to highlight your products among others. And create memorable images in the minds of your customers!

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Hand Sanitizer Display Covid-19/Corona

[] With the ability to dispense hand gel, this display is the perfect solution to controlled and touchless sanitizer distribution. These displays are designed for areas where hand sanitization is difficult to maintain including retail stores or office reception areas.

✔️ no contact with hands = hygiene guaranteed
✔ reliable 100% mechanical = foot pedal operated
✔️ customizable on request = your logo or colors
✔️ discrete = reduced footprint
✔ adjustable to fit varied makes of bottles and pumps
✔ fast delivery, attractif price: 150 eur/unit from 12 units (1 pallet).

Contact us for all further information.

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