Back to basics: effective retail merchandising

[] With a focus on display initiatives, let's revert to some of the basic rules of retail merchandising.

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10 point of sale display tips
to increase retail sales

[] Once customers are instore, how do you get them to interact with and eventually buy your products? 10 tips with examples to help you do just that.

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12 most effective types
of retail displays explained

[] What are retail displays and how are they used to influence people standing in the aisle to decide what to buy and to reach to get it. Explanation and examples ...

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What is point of sale material ?

[] Point of sale material (POS, point of purchase, POP) is the collective name for all communication tools that support or advice purchase in a physical sales space, where they influence shoppers.

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POS display: think materials !

[] Wood, metal, aluminum, plastic, glass, cardboard, rope, stone, textile or leather ... materials, accents, contrasts, textures and reflections condition shoppers in many ways.

To succeed in the cluttered visual environment of shopping, careful choice of materials allows to highlight your products among others. And create memorable images in the minds of your customers!

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Hand Sanitizer Display Covid-19/Corona

[] With the ability to dispense hand gel, this display is the perfect solution to controlled and touchless sanitizer distribution. These displays are designed for areas where hand sanitization is difficult to maintain including retail stores or office reception areas.

✔️ no contact with hands = hygiene guaranteed
✔ reliable 100% mechanical = foot pedal operated
✔️ customizable on request = your logo or colors
✔️ discrete = reduced footprint
✔ adjustable to fit varied makes of bottles and pumps
✔ fast delivery, attractif price: 150 eur/unit from 12 units (1 pallet).

Contact us for all further information.

#covid19 #coronavirus #handsanitiser #display #retail

Who are we ? What doe we make ?

[] Pilotes is a team of ingenious creatives and creative engineers, with proven industrial knowledge in POP design. In this video we introduce our team and our activities.

New Y/E displays for Moët Hennessy Diageo

[] These were deployed before the busy year-end holiday period: the new MHD (Moët Hennessy Diageo) displays to present its exceptional spirits selection on 5 levels. Each of these levels is staggered to create a visual break and make the display stand out. The fine tubular structure gives a modern look and a great visual lightness. Several eye-catching communication supports help to clarify the offer.

Store Stories: Shops adapt their design to Instagram (Article in French)

[] Social networks have changed the customer journey, the store is no longer necessarily the place of transaction ... it has become a source of inspiration, sharing and communication ... Monochromy, photo studios, pop-up collaborations... The points of sale are designed to be instagramable. Which techniques work? ...

7 golden tips to create maximum impact with in-store communication (Article in French)

[] In the digital age, the physical store seems to be losing impact. Nothing could be further from the truth. Physical stores remain an important point of contact. Physical stores offer more confidence and contribute to an authentic shopping and brand experience.

Our metal unit installs a TruBend-Bending-Cell

[] To make great displays, you need good tools. Our metals unit installed a new bending cell, fully automated with a robot with position recognition. All purpose automation, more productive and precise metal works.

5 tips to stand out on retail shelving with a shelf-stopper

[] A shelf-stopper (or a shelf-tray) is undoubtedly the most used merchandising tool to bring your product into the spotlight on retail shelves. It is very powerful. Since this type of instore communication is perpendicular to the shelf, it breaks the monotony of the shelf.
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Neuhaus prepares for Valentine

[] And we were happy to join the inventor of the Belgian praline for this window animation in its very first boutique. A soft-colored range of displays tells a story of love. It links back to the original heritage of the brand: the eye-catching gift boxes. They bring the exquisite range of chocolate treats to life in an exciting and ultimate love story. We made these displays of plexi, resine, paper and led-lightning.

Wooden tabeltop display for Santarome Bio

[] How do you encourage consumers into making an impulse purchase? Tabletop displays, mostly small size ones, are a shop's best friend when it comes to boosting sales. They display smaller articles in eye sight. Shoppers can easily see them and scan the range.

How We Shop: The Next Decade

[] In 2025, 1/2 of the shopfloor will be devoted to experience, according to this 'How We Shop: The Next Decade' report. Consumers already think now that 1/3th of shop's M2 should be spent on creative, self-improvement or cultural experiences.

Read the article here.

Single product window animations are the most powerful

[] We proudly teamed up with Créateur Chocolatier Neuhaus marketing team to make & install these brightly "enlightened" windows for Neuhaus' Countdown to Happiness pop-up advent calendar.

Lampe Berger in-store boutique

[] 3 upper levels are gravity-based for perfect presentation. The light directed on the products + backlighted logos + outline allow for visual surprise. Clearly segmentation of the offer with extra communications on the shelves.

Fragrance TO GO for Sephora

[] To promote a new handy format for perfumes, our team joined those of Sephora to co-design these new attractive and original presentations. To encourage impulse purchases, they are be positioned at strategic points: in front of the cash registers, or as a front-end. A communication space allows each brand to express itself. Triangle boxes present the fragrances in an unusual way – innovative presentation for more impact.

Bath & body on-shelf unit

[] Pillow Battle, Let's Have Fun, Rolling in the Grass … Sephora's bath and body collection appeals to all senses. To mark the introduction of this private label assortment, our teams supported those of Sephora to develop an eye-catching on-shelf unit. Scent pods invite shoppers to experience the five scents; textures project shoppers in the world of the bathroom, white tiles, shower heads, rounded shelves and an energetic colour palette; lightning built in the shower heads, visuals and shelves, sublime this energetic range

How to successfully apply colourblocking in visual merchandising ?

[] Merchandising is the most effective thing you can do to turn consumers into shoppers. Colour is the soul of merchandising. Today, marketing professionals have embraced the successful technique of colourblocking, and not only in the fashion & accessory category. In this article, we explain how you can stand out and ultimately give your customers a recognizable visual experience.
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Happy Hour at the Supermarket :)

[] Happy Hour at the supermarket ! 8 to 10 percent of carbon dioxide emissions are related to food waste. To fight food waste, S-Market discounts food items up to 60% at exactly 21h, 3 hours before their midnight expiration date. 

Read the NY Times article here.

Interview with Delvaux CEO Jean-Marc Loubier

[] Interview with Delvaux CEO Jean-Marc Loubier about the brand's retail strategy and shopping experience: « … a beautiful moment you share for a while. And when you go away, you have a very nice memory in your head». New retail is about more engagement, in any category.

Read the article here.

Beka surely shows up prepared on the shop floor.

[] Our latest project for Beka Recticel provides a welcoming space for shoppers of boxspring solutions. Organizing all materials and engineering options in "wundercabinet" style, this sales tool guides clients towards confidence upon 1st visit. Besides that, shop consultants appreciate the ease-of-use and the educational reminders.

Faire Bien: zero waste yoghurt from Danone

[] Zero Waste grocery store DAY BY DAY, Paris, now combines the pleasure of a fresh, organic and solidarity-based yoghurt with a more responsible consumption method. This refrigerated instore communication, featuring the bright colours of the new brand Faire Bien, guarantees an excellent shopping experience. Congratulations, Danone!

Pilotes wins a silver and bronze POPAI award for its 2018 Yves Rocher window animation.

[] A metal frame is decorated with a vegetable crown made of PET printed with gold and mirror. On the crown, we installed a luminous 60 led garland and a foil of lace, printed from the finest metal in different decorative shapes.
All kits are assembled in France and eco-designed:
-36% CO2 emissions over the entire process: manufacturing + logistics + lifetime
-33% on the transport budget (99% land use)
-27% on the consumption of non-renewable resources…

Carrefour Walk-in Drive

[] In the middle of Brussels' busy European quarter, Carrefour Belgium innovates with a walk-in drive for pedestrians. Doubling the assortment of the Express market, the concept brings Hypermarket-prices and promotions to an urban neighborhood. Order a minimum of 30eur before noon and pick-up from 4pm. A real extra service for 'euronistas'.

So, what if shelves can talk?

[] With this innovative on-shelf app, an interactive bot guides and orientates shoppers through a range of premium whiskies. 86%* of shoppers feel better informed of qualities and differences between brands (vs. 59%* with previous installation). 38%* of shoppers feel receiving all necessary information to buy with confidence (vs. 2%* with previous installation). Vertical separators + shelf communications + color codes … a space that attracts consumers to shop—and keep them coming back. This is a great way to add value to shoppers and retailers, and to Moët Hennessy Diageo France
* Source : Shopper Study IRI / MHD - Sept.2018
#instore #branding #design #digitalmedia #retail #shoppercommunication

Trade activation for spirit range

[] How about creating engaging customer interactions ? Safe bet with this premium set for trade activations with hospitality outlets, such as bars, restaurants and hotels. Choice for leather and woods reflects the brand heritage, creating a high-quality look & feel, as well as being easy to use. For the first time, we have partnered with Brown-Forman to offer bartenders and waiters engaging tasting moments.

How to impact retail sales with point-of-purchase displays ?

[]A display is a marketing material used to merchandise an article or a product line. They are generally located in the place where all the elements of the sale come together - offer, consumer and money. By using displays, marketers compete to influence shopping decisions. Considering that a large majority of purchases aren't decided until the customer is in the store, it's clear what impact something as simple as a display can have, without change in retail price … But how ?
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Harder, better, faster, stronger …

[] To make beautiful furniture, you need good tools! Our metal unit has a 3rd laser robot installed to cut steel tubes for your POS materials and parts with surgical precision. Energy efficiency, excellent performance, ergonomics, precision and new design possibilities.

How to stand out on retail shelves

[] Premium brand for canned vegetables, Cassegrain (Bonduelle), innovates with its new concept of vegetable spreads to share. Cassegrain entrusted us the in-store appearance of this introduction. In an elegant and practical on-shelf unit, shoppers meet the premium values of the brand, the subtlety of the recipes, southern tastes and original associations.

Ethical consumer behaviour

[] As organic continues to boom (EU: 2012-2016: +48%), consum'actors who regard themselves as responsible seem to adopt ethical consumer behaviours - and not only for the food category. Eco-design can become a rewarding asset for any retail marketing project.
As brands allocate resources with the purpose to achieve less ecological impact, consumers receive not only a more efficient product, but also a more affordable.
At Pilotes, we believe that a well-designed material is good for business, for the planet and for people. Our engineers use a certified eco-calculator to analyse lifecycle and reduce footprint.
#retail #display #marketing

POPAI awards Paris 2019

[] Pilotes will participate to the 2019 edition of the Popai Awards contest. This, the 56th edition of the contest, will honour the most successful, creative and innovative achievements in POP advertising, merchandising, shop fitting and in-store digitalisation.
Order you free badge here.

Endcap for Milka chocolate assortment

[] This end cap for Milka is placed at the end of an aisle near to the checkout, grabbing customers' attention as they wait to pay. We created a concept featuring a dynamic, modernistic design, incorporating illuminated edges and graphic panels to give the unit an increased brightness. Construction materials used in the building of the display -colorful metals and woods, are inspired by the Milka story.

PILOTES wishes you
a successful 2019

[] Happy New Year 2019. Wishing you a year fully loaded with passion, health, success, new discoveries, love, harmony and fun!

Leveraging light, motion and sound to influence shopper behaviour

[] The world of retail is evolving fast. Engaging consumers and driving shopper behaviour remains a challenge for many brands and retailers. Check out this infographic to discover how you can add stimuli to your instore display to increase impact.

Infographic →

Measuring Co2

[] We found this case from the film industry interesting. In 2017, the production of a feature film, supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, represents on average 73 ton carbon dioxide equivalent – transport and materials accounts for the large majority. This represents the yearly footprint of 7 average Belgian households. Since measuring started, The Fund observes a change in mentality with filmmakers. Today, the carbon emissions per film is lower than a couple of years ago.
At Pilotes, we aspire to preserve the environment through eco-design strategies. Our engineers use an home-made eco-calculator to reduce impacts.
Contact us if you wish to measure the impacts of your in-store activations.

POS is the preferred medium

[] According to the recent french POPAI/Harris Interactive Barometer, compared to 4 other types of advertising, in-store is +++ preferred, +++ useful, +++ convincing and least intrusive. In-store advertising grabs consumers' attention and encourages purchase the most.

Yves Rocher Christmas animations

[] Santa Claus is very busy *already* rolling out the Christmas window animation sets for Yves Rocher.
A metal frame is decorated with a vegetable crown made of PET printed with gold and mirror. On the crown, we installed a luminous 60 led garland and a foil of lace, printed from the finest metal in different decorative shapes. All animation kits are assembled in France and prepared for international roll-out with a crisp and clear installation manual for all Santa Clauses in the Yves Rocher network.
As if you can hear the Christmas bells ringing.


[] Physical stores have a handicap compared to e-commerce: they are blind. Where on-line data analysis makes it possible to understand patterns, improve experiences and increase conversion, physical stores are deprived of this precious data. However, here's an example where in-store shopping also can access data-driven marketing techniques. A 22' touch screens build in a visually appealing setting allows visually assisted interaction to guide shoppers, decision simplicity, a better shopping experience and integration of a data collecting tool in the category.


[] How to reinvent and revitalize an entire retail category? Here's an example for the cosmetics range at SYSTÈME U super- and hypermarkets. Our team developed a 'department store'-style experience for a very feminine universe: use of multiple materials, including wood for a warm and comfortable image, vivid colors add vitality without shouting, a bright, visually appealing atmosphere seducing shoppers to engage the category, shopper ergonomic, adaptation to existing materials and fully modular for evolutionary merchandising and segmentation … A powerful weapon of differentiation in this strategic category.


[] Ritter Sport Schokowelt. Ritter Sport bars comes in a zillion varieties. The company store Schokowelt is like an amusement park designed for chocoholics to discover, create, and enjoy chocolate. A rainbow-colored haven staring this giant replica display.

Why should merchandising matter to you ?

[] Up to 76% of customer purchase decisions are made at store's department level. Merchandising offers opportunities to generate revenue …
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Shopping experience, yeah ! But, what are we talking about ?

[] Every retail marketer agrees on this point: when shopping offline, consumers aren't just buying a product; they're buying an experience. But what are we talking about? How about retailers develop experience? …
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[] How to develop, in a sustainable fashion, bespoke multi-material displays ? Eco-design a point–of–sale material means design for efficiency: save raw materials, save volume, save transport, … Let's explain our ecodesign approach in 5 steps and save both the environment and budget.


[] Can you run a campaign through the nose? Here's an example ! Vaporizing technologies transform premium aged single-malts into liquid vapour. This highly disruptive and engaging in-store campaign intrigues the visual and scent senses of millennials. The winner of the spirits category 2018 Warsaw POS Star is realized by Holo for Bacardi Martini. Thumbs up!


[] How to take the lead in shops? With its Evocations instore communication, a realization by Pilotes, decorative paint brand Guittet puts a range of 125ml testers and colour samples available for consumers. Subliming a world of colours and refinement, each of the 128 colours that make up the collection is neatly organized in this space of confidence, discovery and inspiration.


[] How do I find the perfect saddle? A question that every cyclist will be familiar with. With its in-store saddle selector tool at specialized outlets, PRO - a Shimano Europe Group sub-brand for bike gear - sets you on the right track for a comfortable ride. Smart !


[] Check this out! (pun intended) We developed these checkout shelves specifically to meet multiple objectives: incorporate learnings on new shopping behaviour, generous presentation, comforting, dynamic look & improve visibility for this strategic category, supermarket's last image to shoppers, easy access with an innovative swing fixture … Pilotes reorganizes the merchandising of this category and its visibility to promote sales. It's all in the design and this is visually appealing!


[] Successful launch for Sephora's private label super ingredients skin care range. Use of woods with solvent free finish, modular glue-less design enhancing disassembly & recyclability, reduced impacts of electricity consumption - total measured impact of minus 33.415 kg CO2eq for this entire production. Because we're so freaking awesome? No, we just care.

Your creative POP brief: 10 questions to address your brand's point-of-purchase challenge

[] Displays take a variety of forms, you might find it important to customize your display. Your design briefing is the 1st step to win your point-of-purchase challenge. Here's 10 questions your point-of-purchase specialist will be interested in …
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[] Installed this summer and now fully operational, here are our new digital printing and cutting tables. Advantages for our customers: more reactivity, more efficiency, more flexibility … for the realization of prototypes and mini series!


[] The future of DJing is now in store. Our colleague Tim is happy to present — and quite dramatically so — PILOTES' instore shelf communication ft. video and sound to launch & demonstrate the world's first wireless Mixfader.


[] This cabinet animates the full range of Nhoss e-cigarettes, accessories and cartridges. Targeting limited floor space, it contains a considerable stock at tobacco outlets: compact, practical and functional. Attractive to the eye of prospective shoppers and realized in the striking colours of the brand.


[] Inviting countertop presentation for the new Physalis herbal synergy range. An elegant and refined look to seduce shoppers for quality natural supplements. Solidly made from metals and woods to extend the lifetime on the counter.


[] At the occasion of the festive POPAI night in Paris last week, Pilotes received the silver award in the category "Technology & Innovation". The 2018 POPAI contest assembled 334 competing materials, the awards being the ultimate symbol of creativity, innovation and best practice (… not our words). Discover all 2018 POPAI-awards winners.


[] Will be delighted to meet you as of tomorrow in booth C18 at the Marketing at Retail Show in Paris. Also, PILOTES will participate at the POPAI Awards contest.


[] Rethinking the shelf from where you sell and focussing on that point of action are great ways to enrich shopping experiences, help shoppers making purchase decisions and encourage trial. Here's an example for Galler Chocolatier, a riot of colour and taste.


[] Another single waiting line installation at Carrefour Ans, with these adapted retail fixtures for the checkout range.

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