Multi-material display units made with metal
POP design 100% custom-made

When you are considering a POP display solution you need to think about the suitability of materials to use.

Metal is a versatile material that has been used for centuries to create small or big constructions, everyday objects and, above all, furniture. Durable and resistant, it is particularly suitable for subliming POP display.

For various applications, we use steel wire, sheets, tube, etc. Known for its strength, metal is used to create solid, sometimes invisible, structures. Epoxy finishing, available in different textures, are used to protect and beautify these parts.

The result is always a beautiful and functional metal display design, which can be combined with other materials, if required.

  • Incredibly strong and robust, suitable for heavy weights
  • Sustainable in use
  • Great when combined with other materials
  • Perfect for permanent displays and fixed installations
POP display stand in metal


Metal combines great freedom of design with durability.

Retail shelving in metal

Retail shelving

The weight of the products presented should be carefully considered when developing design, structural strength, assembly and materials.

POP display in metal wire

Countertop display unit

A construction made of metal wire is invisible and can be decorated with colourful images.

Instore communication in metal

Instore communication

Metal can convey a tough, robust image.

POP display unit in metal

Isle display unit

A long term display that has to carry a lot of weight, definitely needs metal. A durable construction can last for years and doesn’t need to be looked after.

POP display in metal and natural wood

Floor-standing display unit

Combined with wood, metal can immerse the shopper in the universe of your brand and brings a touch of authenticity, craftsmanship or quality.