Countertop display unit
POP design 100% custom-made

A countertop display (counter display) is a striking presentation on a counter, usually with smaller items that are sold as impulse purchases.

With its compact design, a counter display can capture the most strategic locations at newsagents, agencies, bakeries, pharmacies …

  • Attention grabbing
  • Easy to access merchandise impacts sales
  • Increases impulse sales
  • Stimulates latent buying
  • Enhances brand exposure
  • Elevates product awareness
  • Inspires and communicates product features
  • Ideal for temporary assortments, promotions or innovations
Stockholding countertop unit

Stockholding countertop unit

With a customised visual presentation, provided with your logo and imaginery, your products will stand out. This is the way to showcase your articles in a functional way on the counter. Your articles will attract attention and will be sold more.


Countertop Dispenser

Dispensers always keep smaller items, gadgets and irregularly shaped products neat and tidy.

Spinner toonbankdisplay

Countertop Spinner

A spinner is rotating, a space-saving feature. They are interactive and fun.

Toonbankdisplay voor blisterverpakkingen

Countertop display for blisters

Equipped with hooks, they are the right material to complement blister type packaging.

Toonbank vitrine

Countertop cabinet or case

They are closed on all sides by glass or transparent plastic windows to protect the most valuable articles from direct contact with shoppers.

Informatieve Toonbankdisplay

Informatieve Toonbankdisplay

Mooi vormgegeven informatieve display materialen zijn voorzien van poster- of brochurehouders.

Glorifier or pedestal

Glorifier or pedestal

Creating a three-dimensional visual experience, a glorifier represents the perfect platform to set your products in scene with almost unlimited possibilities regarding size, shape and material, intended to theatrically bring out the article's features or characteristics.

Sommelier display or plinth

Sommelier display or plinth

A sommelier, plinth or bottle glorifier is the best option for presenting a range on countertop of hotels, bars and restaurants. These materials can display a series of spirits for an exclusive tasting experience.

Brand or logo display

Logoblock or sign

The better option to show off your personality in multi-brand environments is an attractive item that is purely focused on your brand or logo.