Shelf stopper & on-shelf display material
POP 100% custom made

A shelf stopper (shelf talker, shelf tray, on-shelf display, ...) is undoubtedly the most used merchandising tool to bring your product into the spotlight on retail shelves. It is very powerful. Since this type of instore communication is perpendicular to the shelf, it breaks the monotony of the shelf.

Saving you from relative on-shelf anonymity in supermarkets, a shelf stopper catches the eye of the shopper who will discover your new product, brand, packaging or promotion.

A shelf stopper is an extra visibility tool which is fixed on retail shelves. The function of this POS-material is to capture the attention of a shopper browsing a category … and to eventually "stop" him. It is used to put forward a novelty, a promotion, to clarify or segment the offer, or to contribute to the display of a product.

  • Increase instore visibility and attracts the attention for your article or brand
  • Encourage impulse or latent buying
  • Great stopping power and it looks great
  • Define and preserve allocated shelf space
  • Your product stands out on the shelf, help consumers to find your article on the shelf
  • Build brand recognition
  • Differentiate your offer from the competing offers, preserves your offer and brand on the shelf
  • Opportunity to seduce consumers and tell them your brand story
  • Add an supplementary merchandising service, such as segmentation
  • Clarifie and builds confidence to buy

Promotional shelf stopper

They are most often made of flexible, resistant and light materials which will withstand for a few days or weeks (PVC, PET, Polypro). The printed trays (digital or offset printing) are generally divisible to adjust to the number of facings presented on the shelves.


On-shelf display material

Original materials, contrast and texture can enhance your display and carry quality, meaning and emotions. A well-chosen material, in line with the DNA of your brand, can immerse the shopper in your product's universe.

Etalage display

LED shelf stopper

To grab the attention of the shopper even more, it is possible to apply a LED-light on the shelf stopper. Use continuous light or light effects (variations in intensity, colors or flashes) to catch the eye and enhances your products.


Shelf frame

A frame around your products breaks through the visual monotony of the shop shelf



Why not take advantage of the space available above or below the articles? Or create a tray or a podium to raise your article and enhance it?

Windmaster of stoepbord

Shelf divider

By optimizing space, it is possible to offer an additional service, such as an inclined shelf to obtain a permanent facing by gravity, or consider a space allocated to price tags, discount vouchers or recipe sheets ...

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