Retail merchandising solutions
POP 100% custom made

At Pilotes we have only one goal: create advertising materials to stimulate sales and encourage impulse buys. When it comes to retail, it turns out that there are a few simple steps which brands can take to improve product visibility on the store shelves.

We do this by realising all kinds of custom on-shelf materials, eye-catchers that will make your brand, product or communication stand out on each shelf you sell from and transcend the relative anonymity of the shelf.

  • Grabs shoppers' attention
  • Creates an emotional connection
  • Elevates awareness of an assortment
  • Inspires and communicates product features
  • Easy to access merchandise invites for engagement
  • Product visibility impacts sales
  • Transmits brand's values to your customer
  • Ideal for temporary assortments, promotions or innovations
Shelf talker


Use a shelf talker, also know as a shelf stopper, to make your brand or message stand out on the shelf.

More about this.

Shelf frame

On-shelf frame

A frame around your products breaks through the visual monotony of the shop shelf. A simple, yet effective POP material.

Cross merchandising display

Custom clip strip

Click the shopper eye outside your home shelf. These strips are hung on a shelf, preferably in busy aisles or in the checkout area. They are powerfull 2nd placement presentations for smaller items.

Shelf display

On-shelf display unit

An on-shelf material puts the spotlight on your article presentation. Or the material can add merchandising service, such as layout, orientation, dividers, self-levelling, ...

Wing or sidekick display

Sidekick display unit

Also called a power wing or sidecap, sidekick units are small POP materials designed to efficiently maximize the use of store space. They give the chance to get a products on shelves beyond primary placement.

POP easy shelf

Easy shelf

Create shelfspace for your new products. These materials for your smaller items are attached with magnets or brackets to the shelves in the most busy aisles or near the checkout. Simple, yet powerful to succeed your introduction.

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