Retail & commercial fixtures
POP 100% custom made

POP fixtures elevate the attractiveness of your brand, store or assortment, impact sales, simplify navigation and purchase decisions in a non-intrusive manner.

Modular or adaptable for evolutionary merchandising or segmentation, with multifunctional back walls and shelves in metal, wood or glass, inspiring with remarkable images, provided with all types of accessories, such as LED lighting, shelf dividers and communications, … We team up with you to innovate for attractive, impactful and differentiating instore materials.

  • Grabs shoppers' attention
  • Creates an emotional connection
  • Elevates awareness of an assortment
  • Inspires and communicates product features
  • Easy to access merchandise invites for engagement
  • Product visibility impacts sales
  • Enhances brand exposure
  • Ideal for temporary assortments, promotions or innovations

Commercial fixture

Gondolas, counters, presentation tables, test counters, ... bespoke commercial furniture for your store network plays a major role in its success.

Lineaire stelling

Make-up winkelrek

A specific store rack for your cosmetics range communicates the DNA of your brand, but leaves the main role to your assortment. The items are neatly organised on different levels.


Make-up tester

A make-up tester meets three essential qualities: presenting your range of cosmetics and its practical and natural aesthetics. Ideal for presenting a complete range of cosmetics that shoppers can test before buying.



With the right combinations of materials, shapes and images, a shop-in-shop creates an exclusive space in department stores and super- and hypermarkets. These mini-shops are fully dedicated to your assortment, with a customized, eye-catching visual merchandising around your brand.

Shop window display

Shop window display

Shop windows display conveys the image of shops. Customized animations are the key elements to attract shopper's attention and seduce them to visit your stores. We can help you with the creation, design and realisation of modular animation kits for your shop windows.


Brochure holder

Pilotes is the specialist in the development and production of custom-made instore communication materials, such as brochure holders.


Poster holder

Windmaster of stoepbord


By customizing your sidewalk sign in your own style, your storefront will stand out even more.

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