Multi-material display units made with plastics
POP design 100% custom-made

When you are considering a POP display solution you need to think about the suitability of materials to use.

Plastic is an umbrella term used to describe synthetic polymers. These versatile materials are used to create small or big everyday objects. Everlasting and resistant, they are particularly suitable for subliming POP display.

PMMA (plexi, plexiglas, acrylic), PS, PC, ABS, PE, PET, Forex, Dibond, etc, are synthetic materials with different characteristics of color, resistance, strength and transparency.

They come in all types of finish: colorless, translucid, diffusing, frosted, mat, shiny or satin, … to mention just a few.

  • Flexible, enabling great design freedom
  • Luxury appearance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Available in a range of types, colours and finishes
POP dispenser in plastics


With an original presentation of your articles, an acrylic display increases the attention value of the shopper.

POP stock-holding display in plexiglas

Product carrying display unit

Materials choice is primarily governed by the capacity of a construction to perform the service functions for which it is designed. This is why we use plastics for its Mechanical strength.

Floor-standing display uni in plastics, metal and wood

Floor-standing display unit

Combined with other materials, such as wood or metal, plastic provides a stylish look that gives your product the attention it deserves.

Acrylic Countertop display unit

Countertop display unit

With an acrylic display you present your products in a stylish way that is also very functional and effective.

POP glorifier in plexi


Play on the feeling of indulgence, go for a luxurious look with an acrylic display.

Sidecap in PET


High-quality branding and increased visibility, this retail concept is 100% custom-made from PET, a transparant material with high impact resistance.