Floorstanding display unit

A floorstanding display is a merchandising material for a larger assortment of articles, inviting consumers to an emotional connection. Presenting articles to consumers in attractive, appealing ways, a striking display elevates articles being featured at the all-important moment of truth. With a customized visual experience, it guarantees maximum attention-grabbing impact.
Our designers and engineers will work from your technical specifics (functionality, lifetime, dimensions and weight of your articles) and design for industrial production in a combination of all durable materials (metals, wood, plastics, glass, …)

In hyper- or supermarkets, in specialized points of sale, freestanding or set up against a wall, using easy-to-access merchandising, layout and communications, consumer can gather trustworthy information about a range to confidently and efficiently weigh their purchase options. Displays can be supplied with all kinds of accessories, such as shelf dividers, brochure, coupon or tester holders, colour charts or samples, etc

  • Attention grabbing
  • Creates an outstanding shopping experience, the final piece of the customer value puzzle.
  • Elevates product awareness
  • Inspires and communicates product qualities
  • Easy navigation and decision simplicity
  • Easy to access merchandise invites for engagement
  • Product visibility impacts sales
  • Enhances brand exposure
  • Ideal for temporary assortments, promotions or innovations
Merchandising display

Merchandising display

A merchandising display or stocker is a great way to get your product to stand out in store, the last possible place to influence buyer decisions. Merchandising displays combine visually appealing design with customizable functionality. They can be personalized based on branding, colour, size and quantity of shelves.

Isle display

Isle display

An island display is a free-standing presentation of merchandise that is accessible from any direction. These powerful types of displays are situated in the open area of a retail environment.

Showcase or cabinet

Showcase or cabinet

A cabinet, such as a column, counter or a wall showcase, protects your most valuable articles from direct contact with shoppers. They are used in more luxurious shopping environments or for exclusive ranges.

Glorifier or pedestal

Glorifier or pedestal

Creating a three-dimensional visual experience, a glorifier represents the perfect platform to set your products in scene with almost unlimited possibilities regarding size, shape and material, intended to theatrically bring out the article's qualities or features.

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