POP design for flooring
Hakwood luxury wood

POS display Hakwood luxury wood vloerbekleding

April-2024 — How did Pilotes contribute to Hakwood's new brand identity? Let's rewind to when the expert in engineered wood tasked Goddard Agency with reviewing its customer experience, from digital platforms to physical media.

From the brief onwards, the agency understood the importance of presenting samples at sales spaces, and the necessity to allure potential buyers amid a sea of choices. To offer prospects a distinctive and selective experience, the agency proposed to also reinvent this touchpoint.

To implement their in-store strategy, the Goddard team then approached us to leverage our expertise in commercial furniture.

Crafted from sturdy metal with an elegant black finish, this floor-standing unit embodies exclusivity and sophistication. This fusion of materials and colours reinforces its promise in the eyes of buyers: luxury wood flooring solutions, expertly crafted for the world's finest spaces.

Simplicity proved to be the key throughout this project. By focusing on the harmony between materials, colours, and presentation, we believe that less really is more when it comes to making a lasting impression at the crucial moment of any consumer journey.

POP display Hakwood luxury wood

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