Interactive or smart retail shelves:
but for what result?

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Feb. 2023 — bh

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The year 2000 in a Californian grocery store — researchers organize a tasting for 24 exotic jams. The event receives a lot of attention, but only 3% of those interested buy. In a similar set-up with a selection of only six flavours, 30% of interested visitors act on the offer.

The experiment proves that hyper-choice can significantly decrease buying intentions (Source: When Choice is Demotivating: Can One Desire Too Much of a Good Thing? Iyengar & Lepper, 2001).

Twenty years later in French hypermarkets — we partner with liquor giant Moët Hennessy Diageo (MHD) to create an interactive "choice funnel" for ranges of up to 100 whiskies. We all know the choice funnel from online stores. It consists of steps where we are guided along different questions to define our wants, and to identify the best option for us.

Our smart shelf Whiskythèque features an interactive terminal with a whisky master chatbot that guides customers to their perfect whisky based on preferences. Not only does it make the buying journey fast, simple, and fun, but it also provides customers with engaging content about brand, recipes, flavours, and provenance.

This merchandising concept is a valuable source of information for MHD. The data collected gives online visibility to understand the consumption trends of the users of the terminal.

As an example of a successful integration of digital technology into a shelf display, this ultra-premium and attractive concept offers a strong educational dimension. Vertical segmentations, communication on shelf edges and color coding, along with increased visibility through an illuminated sign, create a space that attracts consumers to shop from the assortment.

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Combining imagination and industrial knowhow, team PILOTES creates and makes customized, permanent, and multi-material point-of-purchase solutions and furniture. We work closely with brand manufacturers and retailers and align 100% with their unique instore and merchandising projects.

We are dedicated to innovative and functional design that influences the situations surrounding the act of buying. Our goal is to enhance the visibility and appeal of product offerings with simple, relevant, and effective display.

We're proud to be a family-owned business with a strong commitment to ecological and societal values.

But for what result?

→ 86% of shoppers feel better informed of qualities and differences between brands (vs. 59% in shops not equipped)

→ 38% of shoppers feel receiving all necessary information to buy with confidence (vs. 2%)

→ In-store implementation led to significant salesgrowth, with a +8% increase in volume and a +9% increase in value compared to shops not equipped.

(Sources: Sept’18 Shopper Study IRI / MHD & Nov'22 Tri ad’hoc – Nielsen IQ)

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