The benefits of using wood in POP display
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The benefits of using wood in POP displayW

hen selecting materials for POP display (point of purchase, POS, point of sale, instore, ...), you have several different options available. Each material has its own pros and cons and selecting the proper material involves knowing what material works best for display purpose ... and for your brand.

Wood is a versatile material that has been used for centuries to create small or big constructions, everyday objects and, above all, furniture. Solid, durable and resistant, it is particularly suitable for subliming POP display.

Let's take a look at some good reasons to use wood !

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1. Mechanical strength

Materials choice is primarily governed by the capacity of a construction to perform the service functions for which it is designed. This is why we use strong and sturdy wood above all for its natural robustness, it allows the POP display to support heavy products without causing damage.

Wooden floor-standing POP display
Endcap Milka
Wooden floor-standing POP display unit

2. Naturally beautiful

Today, the love for nature is of great influence. Wood is aesthetically pleasing, which makes it suitable for displays that present natural and eco-friendly brands. When harvested sustainably, wood is renewable and affordable. A wooden POP display brings a natural touch to your point of sales strategies. Or opt for wood to enhance the ecological benefits of your brand.

Biotona floor-standing display
Countertop POP display
Durance countertop POP in natural wood

3. The symbolism of natural wood

When consumers shop in a physical store, they focus on the visual experience and the presentation of the merchandise. Material and colour is the first thing they notice. They are critical to the identity of an offer – creating desired associations and expectations, triggering mental images, memories, feelings and emotions.

Natural wood has the ability to bring a strong identity into a presentation. It gives a warm, refined and quality appearance. Wood is associated with earth, roughness and rural coherence. Therefore, wood evokes an authentic and traditional feeling.

It is a good choice for products that promise quality, continuity, tradition, experience and craftsmanship. Wood is often used when we want to give the consumer a 'back to the roots' or cosy feeling.

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Wooden plinth for classic malts
Brown Forman wooden tasting set
Aberlour wooden plinth

4. Timeless charm

Apart from its universality, wood enriches every POP display and is a real eye-catcher. Thanks to its versatile character, wood can be combined with other materials, such as metals or plastics – an elegant combination which gives your display a dynamic and timeless charm.

Display case Orange
Sunbrella wooden POP material
Bulleit floorstanding display unit

5. A versatile material

The benefits of using wood in POP display Robust, warm and welcoming material par excellence, wood is the solution to consider for your POP displays. Depending on the application, we use chipboard, MDF, plywood, natural wood or other woods:

Particleboard, also known as chipboard, is a material made from pressed wood particles.

MDF consists of wood fibres that are compressed to form panels.

Multiplex (or plywood) consists of several layers for stability and mechanical strength.

Natural wood is more luxurious, often used to create an accent.

Oiled or stained, or not, with minimal processing natural wood remains rough creating a eco-friendly or authentic vintage look. But the opposite can also be achieved by polishing the wood and finish it with a high gloss varnish or paint.

Wood panels can be covered with a decorative surfacing material, such as melamine or laminate. To give them a lacquered look, we mould MDF with a polymer film.

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