Are ecology and POP display material compatible?


ased on our concerns for the environment, our engineers are guided by the impact and sustainability of the POS materials they design. They calculate their footprint over the entire life cycle.

In addition, the design and material consumption is tailored to functionality and the intended lifespan. More environmentally friendly or recyclable materials are considered and the reuse of raw materials is optimised.

Pilotes stands for sustainability. Our eco-design approach covers the different stages of the production chain:

UPSTREAM: exchanging experiences on eco-design strategies with our suppliers and industrial partners

INTERNAL: strengthen and respect our eco-design strategies

DOWNSTREAM: propose designs with calculated ecological benefits for our customers.

Our commitment: Life cycle thinking

In order to achieve good ecodesign, we work with you to determine all the basic principles and preconditions.

  • optimisation of weight and raw materials
  • adapt materials to use and lifespan
  • preference for recycled and recyclable materials
  • reduce waste
  • minimize volumes and transport
  • reduce energy consumption
  • anticipate end of life

During the design of a material we measure the impact over its entire life cycle. We developed our eco-calculator together with external experts in 2011. This tool is constantly evolving and regularly updated.

Corporate Responsibility

At Pilotes, we are committed to providing well-designed instore solutions that respect our planet. Sustainability is part of our DNA and plays an important role in the development of our activities in the point-of-sale marketing sector. For us, sustainability reflects family, craftmanship and industrial values, and is always meaningful.

In 2011, we decided that we can no longer design our materials without a determined commitment to the environment. Our concerns cover the entire planet and we recognise all natural resources as valuable. We want to fight waste and misuse, both in our industrial strategies and in our day-to-day operations.

With our heritage of a family operated business, we naturally recognize human values. We create, design and produce with respect for natural resources, but also with respect for People - employees, suppliers and customers. The resulting economic balance forms the basis of our corporate social responsibility.

More than decreeing our policies in written, we strive for greater involvement in a participatory style, which is the most important source of motivation and creativity for all our colleagues.

Together with our desire to reduce our ecological footprint in our region and to stimulate the regional economy, we see the future of our company anchored in a regional structure.

Recognition and certificats

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