Shelf enhancement: Double edge rail

Specific shelving for Kruidvat's private label makeup
Super handy retail shelf for private label make-up in the wall of the beauty corner at Kruidvat

Aug-2023 — In stores, shelf edges, or the rails attached at the front of the shelves, primarily serve to communicate price. But their function can go beyond that — they provide product details, categorize the offer with color codes, contribute to the overall aesthetics of the fixture, etc.

A lesser-known feature is that they feature barcodes, which store associates scan to restock.

When space is limited, as it always is, stores have to be inventive to make the best use of shelf edges. Here is a good example for private label make-up in a drugstore.

Using bold typography along with bright yellow and red, Kruidvat chooses to use the edge to prominently emphasize its advantageous prices. Makes sense, right? Because by their own telling, you never pay too much at Kruidvat!

But what about the barcodes necessary for smooth restocking? That’s not unimportant for a complex range that store associates might not always be familiar with? No problemo! All shelves have a double shelf profile that is lifted to reveal the barcodes. Smart!


Specific shelving for Kruidvat's private label makeup

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