Retail shelves, where size matters

Where Size Matters — Shelf Tray Lenor AirFresh
Lined up between bigger siblings, buyers may perceive Lenor FreshAir as less valuable.

Sept-2023 — Small is beautiful, they say. But no prince comes to save it with a kiss when something is too small to be noticed.

Compared to other fabric softeners, Lenor FreshAir is ultra-concentrated. The small packaging makes it more convenient for you, and has less impact on the environment. However, lined up in stores next to larger siblings, Lenor FreshAir may not stand out; shoppers may not see it, or underestimate it.

To tackle this commercial challenge, Lenor has come up with a smart idea. They make full use of the available shelf height; with a shelf tray, Lenor lifts and emphasises its offer. This POS material comes in two widths: two or four facings. At least doubling the facing additionally increases visibility. One hiccup to consider is the extra communication space could provide a stronger call to action.

Well-executed in thermoplastics, this clever retail merchandising material is sure to get more customers to notice and consider FreshAir. The efficiency of displaying doesn't only rely on how spectacular it is. When done well, even the simplest effort comes with great benefits!

Kudos, Lenor, #POPWellDone*

Shelf enhancement: Shelf Tray Lenor FreshAir
With this clever shelf tray Lenor lifts up its small-sized FreshAir offer: "FRESH! As if dried outside".

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