Hyper-choice in supermarkets:
On-fixture display for the chocolate section

On-fixture display for the chocolate section
On-fixture display for the chocolate section ©Pilotes

July-2023 — Anyone who has visited the chocolate section in a grocery store will know it can be a slightly overwhelming experience based on the sheer number of flavors, fillings, and brands available.

While having choices is generally a good thing, it can lead to a phenomenon known as "choice overload": the more options you have, the less satisfied you tend to be with your decision. To tackle the issue of hyper-choice in the chocolate section and assist customers in navigating through the assortment, we have developed this on-fixture display in collaboration with Mondelez International.

Here’s why it works well …

💡 The display is highly disruptive with heavy use of distinctive fronts, colorful shelf edges, and eye-catching signs. They divide the section into distinct categories, making it easier for customers to know where to begin their search.

💡 Because all the materials are designed to be easily attached to various types of store shelving, allowing for easy implementation, this installation is highly appreciated by those in the field.

💡 Besides, the on-fixture decor creates an image of a visually appealing and well-organized chocolate offering.

💡 To further distinguish the chocolate section, we use LED lighting. This additional lighting not only enhances visibility but also makes the chocolates stand out, motivating customers to explore the different options available.

Would you be tempted?!

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