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Tasting Display Brown-Forman Whiskey

Tasting Display Brown-Forman Whiskey

Nov-2022 — Whiskey! Whether you love it or not (*), it is a intriguing product. Some brands create images of mist over a Scottish loch. Others add a mystical or poetic layer to origin and age. This is because taste is influenced by the story you hear.

The credibility of whiskey is also influenced by what others think of it, especially bartenders and waiters. They have the unique position to be able to spark curiosity.

That's why Brown-Forman visits them in restaurants and bars for exclusive tastings, where creating the right ambiance is crucial for an engaging experience.

This display material brings these moments to life. It is portable and easy to set up — a practical tool for showcasing a selection of exquisite whiskeys.

With a description for each bottle, this set is particularly educational. It provides detailed information on flavors and terroir.

The material exudes quality with its leather and wood finishes, reflecting the prestige of Brown-Forman.

(*) Count us among the fans!

Tasting Display Brown-Forman Whiskey ©Pilotes

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