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Endcap Kusmi Tea
100% tea — 100% zero waste

Endcap Kusmi Tea — 100% tea and 100% zerowaste
Endcap Kusmi Tea — 100% zero waste at E.Leclerc

July-2023 — Specialty shops have always been the place to go for packaging-free groceries. Today, a transformation is taking place at your supermarket or hypermarket.

Driven by growing popularity, evolving legislation, and voluntary commitments, mainstream retailers are venturing into the unpackaged product offering. Notably, A-brand manufacturers are testing zerowaste distribution.

One remarkable initiative is this 'bulk for brands' endcap for Kusmi Tea. And as premium brands will further embark on this path, they seek answers to vital questions:

✅ How can brands avoid their choice is being perceived as generic?
✅ Will the same margins be generated if the sales model changes?
✅ What about hygiene and food safety?
✅ If packaging is gone, will brands still find ways of product marketing?
✅ How are the shop shelves best redesigned?
✅ How much shelf space can the bulk display take without cannibalising the packaged offer?
✅ What investments are required for the in-store display materials?
✅ And above all, how do customers react to bulk sales by their favourite brands?

Endcap Kusmi Tea — 100% tea and 100% zerowaste

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