In-line display GilletteLabs

In-line display GilletteLabs
In-line display GilletteLabs at Kruidvat

July-2023 — According to Gillette, your discovery of an easy and enjoyable shaving experience starts in stores. And this time, Gillette has something other to offer than an additional blade 😉 To present their latest novelty with GilletteLabs, they have created these eye-catching in-line display units. The men’s shaving category is often associated with a sturdy image, centered around technology and innovation.

In order to make a strong 1st impression, both shelf-on-shelf solutions have been designed to seamlessly integrate with existing shelving furniture. They effectively utilize the available space. The use of acrylic materials with bright neon green edges adds a visually striking contrast, breaking away from the monotony of the shelves. A transparant case allows for visual inspection of the hero.

A lot to like, Gillette!

In-line display GilletteLabs
In-line display GilletteLabs at Delhaize (left) & Kruidvat (right)

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