Europe tackles greenwashing

Europe tackles greenwashing

March-2023 — Have you heard about the EU's measures against greenwashing? As pioneers in ecodesign since 2011, we at Pilotes have been anticipating such initiatives by administrations.

To back up our claims, we have developed our very own life-cycle analyzer called the Eco-PLV calculator. This tool allows our designers to assess the environmental impact of the POP materials they design, considering every aspect from raw materials to transportation and disposal. It helps them make informed decisions for sustainability.

What sets our Eco-PLV calculator apart is that it has been triple-certified by external eco-design experts. It's the only reliable way to avoid, reduce, and communicate the multi-criteria footprints of your materials. Transparency and accountability are at the core of our approach.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and align your brand with sustainable practices, we encourage you to 👇 read more about the EU initiatives and how they are shaping the future of green marketing.

Are you interested in the benefits of eco-designed display materials? Contact us today, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities for your product.