Cross-merchandising display Lenor

Cross-merchandising on-fixture display Lenor
Cross-merchandising on-fixture display Lenor at Delhaize

July-2023 —  In the household products department, most customers come to restock. They are usually focused on tasks, and price conscious. It’s a stiff challenge to get them to notice and consider something new.

To attract the attention of task-focused shoppers and create engagement, Lenor does an excellent job with this cross-merchandising material that presents its new fabric softener. Situated directly adjacent to the laundry detergent, it creates three functionalities on the shelves: extra shelf space (easy-shelf), cross-merchandising, and educational messaging. This display is highly disruptive, with heavy use of the distinctive Unstoppables black

Displaying a product in multiple locations in stores will mostly increase the likelihood of shopping passer-by noticing, considering and trying out a novelty.

This Lenore display doesn’t disappoint! #POPWellDone*

Cross-merchandising on-fixture display Lenor

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