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Switch display Orifarm Healthcare

Versatile display Orifarm Healthcare
Versatile display Orifarm Healthcare ©Pilotes

June-2023 — The pharmacy is a destination where healthcare professionals offer impartial advice to patients and visitors. Therefore, any marketing initiative is a delicate exercise. Display materials are contextual three-dimensional advertisements, nurturing notoriety while maintaining the integrity of the pharmacist.

We made this display to enhance the visibility of Orifarm and its new range of over-the-counter health solutions.

This switch display is designed to accommodate changing product promotions and communications, as activations come and go. Surprising aesthetics and a pristine white finish click the eyes. 100% custom-made from solid metal to extend lifetime. The inserted visuals are easy to replace with a new set — a simply and quickly update.

Versatile display Orifarm Healthcare

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