Block Merchandising Zwitsal baby care

Block Merchandising Zwitsal baby care
Block Merchandising Zwitsal baby care at Kruidvat

June-2023 — This photo captures the essence of in-store marketing success: stand out, and you'll win 😉 Zwitsal claims leadership in the baby category with "block merchandising", one of the more direct weapons in the marketing arsenal.

To enhance its overall presentation and branding on the shelves, Zwitsal bundles its range. And to sustain its initiative, Zwitsal dresses up the existing furniture with a few simple, yet robust accessories — this makes it longer lasting too and may improve execution. It's a remarkable example of using color as well. Color, which requires minimal effort to perceive, directly impacts shoppers by evoking emotions and setting brands apart.

This initiative is also referred to as "brand blocking" – at Pilotes, we call the additional decor a "shelf enhancement." Regardless of the term used, the core idea is to improve shelf presentation to stand out visually, attract more shoppers, and encourage them to purchase your products.

We spotted this display at Kruidvat, an A.S. Watson Group drugstore.

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Block Merchandising Zwitsal baby care

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