The Aisle of Temptation
in the Single-line Queue

Single-line queue fixture at Maisons du Monde
The queue area is the last opportunity to upsell customers on items that are relatively inconsequential as an expenditure. Maisons du Monde is brilliant at capitalising on this opportunity.

Sept-2023 β€” Carrefour, Decathlon, Fnac, MediaMarkt, Primark, and others we forget ... it appears that retail companies are embracing the single-line queue. This type of exit presents a final opportunity for a a spontaneous, latent or pleasure purchase.

We can be stood for a few minutes, waiting to pay, and we find our eyes drawn to an aisle of temptation: snacks, gifts, convenience products, consumables, trendy accessories, gadgets, titbits, and other affordable items that rarely find their way onto our shopping lists. We casually browse them out of boredom, and and many among us grab a few to add to our baskets.

Any retail company can implement a category-based approach to curate a suitable assortment, transforming the checkout process from a necessity into upselling.

However, to line the queue, we have often seen haphazard piles of merchandise, rapidly losing their appeal. Let’s not forget that we humans tend to remember best the end of any (shopping) experience. The last image of the store is at stake! That's one of the reasons why the experience and merchandising of the aisle of temptation require a carefully designed layout and specific display.

We saw an excellent example at Maisons du Monde. To line the queue, the home decoration specialist uses stylish double-sided gondolas, made of metal and wood. These fixtures ensure that the constantly changing range remains tidy, organized, and appealing β€” always!

#POPWelldone, and very tempting!

Single-line queue fixture at Maisons du Monde
At Maisons du Monde, stylish double-sided gondolas line the queue.

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