POP display design
Sustainable POP campaigns for Thalgo

Floor-standing display unit Thalgo
Floor-standing display unit Thalgo ©Pilotes

March-2023 — Wondering if metal displays are ecofriendly? 🤔 Well, our answer is a YES! And here’s the perfect example.

Together with the beauty and skin care brand Thalgo, we developed this long-lasting metal display. It replaces the need for various cardboard displays to be produced for each new commercial operation (that's 4 per year!).

The replaceable poster makes it easy to update the POP materials with each campaign.

And guess what? Over 1 000 units have been sent throughout Europe! This display unit is delivered flat in a compact box, reducing the need for logistics.

Are sustainability and attractive POP materials compatible? Click below to read more about our eco-design approach 🌍💚

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