Playing music in supermarkets ...
but for what result?

Playing music in supermarkets ... but for what result?

Juli-2023 — Rihanna, Abba, or Metallica? Which music would you prefer in supermarkets?

Though researchers at the University of Bath School of Management don't specifically mention the best artist, they did find that when you feel happy and relaxed, you tend to stay longer, make more purchases, and consider upgrades.

Music has a significant impact on your mood, leading to more intuitive and less scrutinized decision-making. After all, an enjoyable shopping experience is crucial for the success of any store.

But for what results? Providing a modest budget, music can increase spending by 10% — but this appears to be true only on weekdays. On weekends, when you already feel relaxed and happy, the effect of music diminishes.

Perhaps Metallica isn't the best choice for stores, unless they're selling bad-ass electric guitars — but that's just our personal opinion on the matter.

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