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Display case for High Society CBD

Display case for High Society CBD
Display case for High Society CBD Β©Pilotes

Feb-2023 β€” When High Society approached us to develop their quality CBD offer to tobacco stores, we were over the moon, but also a bit 😱 working with hemp flowers sounded exciting, but we understood we had to be cautious about perception.

Our approach was simple, yet effective Β­β€” to draw attention and engagement, present the offer Sunday best. we designed this sleek cabinet in natural wood for an authentic and natural feel, and topped it off with a bright logo, that is sure to blow customers away β€” pun intended πŸ˜‚

β–Ά Our answer:
βœ… a cabinet made of wood for an authentic and natural look, completed by a bright logo.
βœ… Made of tempered glass, the top of the cabinet offers space for the display of the assortment.
βœ… The two lower levels allow to segment the offer; and thanks to the dividers facilitate presentation.
βœ… Closed by a door, the lower part offers an easily accessible storage area.
βœ… Final tip: castors make it easy to move the cabinet!

We're proud to have been a part of this collaboration. And guess what? our cabinet has been nominated for a 2023 SHOP! Awards Paris.

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