Merchandising Revamp
Free-standing & on-fixture display
Only You nail care

Floor-standing display unit Only You nail care

Jan-2023 — Purple junkie, Crazy in love, Diabolique, So chic ... like no other ONLY YOU, the private label brand by beauty specialist ICI PARIS XL, brings a touch of wit to its range.

ONLY YOU connects with the style of new generations and embraces diverse and inclusive beauty fans. Hey, don't take life too seriously!

To celebrate the brand's revamp in stores and introduce a new range of 45 nail colors and care, Pilotes worked with ICI's private label team. We have developed two display solutions.

The first one is a floor-standing unit. This type of point-of-purchase (POP) material is versatile and practical, like a Swiss knife. It is freestanding and fully customizable (at least with Pilotes), tailored to the products and aligned with marketing objectives, brand experience, aesthetics, and technical constraints dictated by usage and context. These units stand tall in the busiest areas of the store.

Floor-standing Display Unit Only You nail care
Floor-standing display unit Only You nail care ©Pilotes

The second material is an on-fixture display. This type of POP material is set up on existing store shelves, and although it has some limitations in physicality, it provides a merchandising solution for stores that lack space for a floorstanding unit.

For a brand that constantly seeks to surprise, all communications can be replaced. And, since the products are diverse, small, and unique, the risk of failure in a self-service scenario should not be overlooked. With optimal merchandising support, customers can quickly browse both color libraries, play with and examine items, find what they're looking for, and make a purchase, leaving the display clean and organized.

And for those customers who sometimes feel overwhelmed by too many choices (which is the majority), a selection of five what's-new? colors is conveniently available on the top shelf.

Quick and convenient buying nail care with confidence!

On-fixture display Only You nail care
On-fixture display Only You nail care ©Pilotes

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