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LEDBOX Yves Rocher: double win

Point of Purchase LEDBOX for store windows and retail animations — Yves Rocher

June-2024 — We are thrilled to announce that our LEDBOX, the innovative window display solution for beauty specialist Yves Rocher, won the Golden Shop! Award 2024 in the category “Window Display: Fragrance & Beauty,” celebrating design, originality, use of space, materials, and quality of execution.

But there’s more: our LEDBOX also won the transversal Grand Prix for Sustainable Development, honouring visionary point-of-purchase projects that positively impact our society and generate sustainable value for our economy.

Why this double award, you wonder?

For the past 10 years, Yves Rocher has created temporary window animations for special events. Considering their economic and ecological impact, the beauty retailer decided to change things. A new concept was needed to drastically reduce these impacts while ensuring the success of special highlights.

Point of Purchase LEDBOX for store windows and retail animations — Yves Rocher

And so, we developped and made this permanent LEDBOX display structure!

  • It can be used for 2 x 1m posters or more complex animations, highlighting special events like Christmas or other marketing activations throughout the year.
  • The LEDBOX is light, robust, easy to install, and made from environmentally friendly materials. It comes with all types of shelves and accessories; when not used, these are concealed under the base.
  • The posters are easy to change and are illuminated with fewer LEDs, halving energy consumption.
  • The quantity of materials used has been carefully balanced; we have saved 4.2 kg of steel or 8 kg CO2 equivalent per unit, a double win: sustainability and looks.

But for what result?

  • Aggregated impact calculated in micro-points using the LCA method from our industry standard SHOP!SKOR: -48%
  • 50% savings on the Christmas 2023 campaign budget
  • 50% energy savings compared to the old equipment
  • Simplified deployment, reducing impact of logistics
  • A consistent brand image for all Yves Rocher windows.

Well done to all our teams for their creativity and ingenuity, and of course, we owe these recognitions to Yves Rocher; their trust drives us to always aim higher and work more responsibly and sustainably. #innovation

As a reminder: organized by Shop! Association, the event Shop! Awards Paris is the most prestigious competition in our industry, featuring over 160 POP-projects in 40 categories.

Point of Purchase LEDBOX for store windows and retail animations — Yves Rocher

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