Brand activation in pharmacies:
Countertop Display Tiger Balm

Countertop Display Tiger Balm
Countertop Display Tiger Balm ©Pilotes

Sept-2022 — Let's face it. Shopping consumers are not easy to impress. Always in a hurry, they make decisions in the blink of an eye, almost automatically. Some in-store initiatives have the power to stop them in front of an offer. To be effective, there’s no need to shout. It’s all about offering that magical - yet complex - balance between product, branding, display, materials, colours, and graphics.

We created this counter display to activate the Tiger Balm brand in the pharmacy channel. It combines bamboo wood, metal and acrylic for a premium presentation of five natural remedies. A gold front with an embossed logo conveys the brand's imperial story. With a consistent and recognisable colour palette, this dynamic offering will not go unnoticed by visitors. And then, the miracle happens: seeing is buying.

In 2022, this adorable counter display won a bronze POPAI awards.

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