What is POP marketing material ?
By whom is it used ? How ? Why ? When ?


OP material (point of purchase, POS, posm, point of sale, in store, ...) is the collective name for all sales marketing communication tools that support or orient purchase in a physical retail space, where they influence shoppers.

By whom is POP marketing material used ? And how ?

They are used by merchandising, sales marketing or trade marketing professionals aiming to stimulate sales to the shopping public through physical retail locations. They are aware of the meaning POP materials can play on the shop floor to convey sales marketing and communication initiatives, e.g. for product launches, innovations, promotions, activations, ....

Often indeed, a consumer has been made aware of an advertising message broadcasted on other media (TV, radio, web, social media, magazines, mailings, catalogues, etc.). Once in store, the POP material takes over: the presence of the material refreshes relevant memory structures and seduces him towards the product, consciously or not.

Why is POP marketing material used ?

Given the high number of references, the visibility of consumer goods on store shelves is low. By definition, when a shopper does not see a product, he does not buy it.

Point of sale materials increase the visibility of products and builds brand's ability to be noticed in stores, where today the large majority of purchase decisions are made. It is then a question of establishing an emotional link between the product and shoppers.

In addition, a point of sale material offers the opportunity to communicate directly with shoppers. What makes a product special and how can consumers make the most of it? Companies send out a silent salesperson, as it were, who can serve every shopper at the same time. Beyond the product's features, they can communicate the values of the brand, what its niche is and which customer it wants to appeal to, all translated into a clear, coherent and recognizable message, adapted to the physical shopping context. A POP material makes it possible to concentrate marketing investments on the right people, those who consume the product.

Stimulate sales is ultimately the most important meaning of point of sale material. It puts the spotlights on a product, informs shoppers about the benefits of the offer and stimulates impulse or latent purchases. The ideal mix for a peak in sales!

The material is usually the last step in a customer journey, certainly not the final one. After a point of sale activation, brand awareness continues to deliver results in the longer term.

Every brand can benefit from POP material. However, it is important to conduct the initiatives according to the intended retail format, the category and profitability.

When is POP marketing material used ?

Promotional POP material, such as cardboard displays, stickers, posters, banners, ceiling hangers or leaflets is intended to present the offer over a short period of time or seasonally.

Permanent or semi-permanent POP material, such as floorstanding or countertop display units, on-shelf materials, custom shelving and retail installations on which products are displayed, permanently add service and value, providing the shopper with a memorable experience, e.g. by optimising the allocated space, increasing the readability of a range with a custom layout and organization, making the shelves more attractive, enhancing visual merchandising, re-enchanting the physical space in order to make the journey pleasant or save time.

Have the advantages of POP material aroused your interest? Reach out today, we will gladly discuss the possibilities for your product.

Date: July 2020.

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