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The planogram explained

[] Brand manufacturers that offer larger ranges can develop specific shelving or display materials to help their retail clients to sell better and more. POP manufacturers design these product presentation solutions 100% custom-made. Every relevant display project starts with an assortment analysis. In short: which item goes where and in what quantity? Let's look at the most important tool that contributes to optimal product organisation: the planogram.

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[] We saw this on-shelf display material in a pharmacy. It puts a colorful frame around a promotional offer for nutritional supplement. The frame is extendable to increase the number of facings in the shelf. Made from printed PVC, this is a well executed activation with a balanced use of color.

Want to read more about POP strategies for self-care remedies ? Click below.

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Only You nail color library for ICI Paris XL

[] Purple junkie, Crazy in love, Diabolique, So chic ... no other brand adds more wit to its range than 1st-price private label ONLY YOU. With playful messaging the beauty specialist ICI PARIS XL wants to connect with the style of new generations and radically different and inclusive beauty fans. Hey, don’t take life too seriously! ...

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The battle for attention: how to retain consumers’ focus

[] One of the biggest challenges for any commercial communication is to grap and retain attention, probably the scarcest resource that brands are fighting for. Therefore, understanding how consumers interact with messaging is essential. Eyesee uses technological insights into consumer behaviour to increase the chances of success. The tech-company lists some top and bottom performers regarding two important qualities of creativity: 1) the ability to break through the clutter and grab attention (stopping power) and 2) the ability to hold attention (retention rate).

This article is about online, but many of the conclusions can be mirrored to instore. Click below to read more.

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Brand manufacturers test zero waste shopping

[] More and more food brands are experimenting with bulk. Cereal specialist Kellogg's is testing a bulk offer in eight French supermarkets with this specific "cereal bar", an on-shelf display in which it offers six recipes, three of which display the Nutri-Score A and are free of artificial colours and flavours.

In France, due the environmental law signed on October 11th, bulk foods are going mainstream. The law encourages bulk sales. Supermarkets of more than 400 m2 will be required to expand their bulk sections to one fifth of their surface.

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Supermarket shop-and-drop recycling point

[] Because some waste should not be thrown in a regular bin, supermarkets offer shop-and-drop facilities to their customers. Collection is then organised by the eco-organisations that manage their recycling.

To help Système U supermarkets simplify widespread collection, Pilotes PLV has developed and made this line of fixtures, easy to find and access at front-of-store locations. Four distinct units provide specified bins for recovery of light bulbs, neon tubes, batteries, small household appliances, packaging, and bio-waste. To make them, we used eco-friendly materials that are mostly recycled and 85% recyclable, such as formaldehyde-free MDF and bricks made from recycled face masks.


[] With its irresistible refill station for a range of 12 shower gels, shampoos and liquid soaps, Body Shop is ready for the refill revolution. Everything is super easy to use. Just pop in, pick up an aluminium bottle, (re)fill, (re)label, (re)use, and repeat. Refilling is good for the planet and for wallets.

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Smeg Play Table

[] Play tables are hot for product presentation in shops. Before shop visitors decide to buy, sellers may invite them for a tactile experience with the products on display.

For Italian manufacturer SMEG, we created this Play Table to present a set of cookware. We made the table in a combination of 100% natural and thermo-coated wood. The latter technique gives the display a stylish finish. A chrome volume logo signs off this practical sales support.

Gimber shelf-on-shelf

[] We made this shelf-on-shelf for the non-alcoholic drink GIMBER. To promote sales in organic stores and supermarkets while educating shoppers at the same occasion, GIMBER reps understand that the bottles are best placed near the fresh ginger.

Our answer: this display solution presents both the bottles and fresh ginger. It fits perfectly on any shelf in the fresh department. The material is made of natural wood without chemical treatment, making it less harmful to the environment. The top shelf is adaptable to the inclination of existing shelves. A holder allows offering a brochure to explain the different ways of consumption and mixes for the most versatile alternative to alcoholic drink.

Candy display to make your mouth water

[] Nothing hits our taste buds better than a colourful candy display on the counter of a bakery or on the shelves of a supermarket, right? Let's look at the display options for the confectionery, candy, and gum category.

Click below for explanations with examples.

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Gold and bronze at 2022 POPAI Awards

[] Gold for a window display for Yves Rocher and bronze for a golden display for Tiger Balm. Oh yes, the latter was a Belgian story at the Popai Awards in Paris. Very proud of this recognition. Thanks to the client teams for their confidence. Congratulations to the POPAI France teams for an unforgettable evening. Thank you.

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Popai Awards 2022

POPAI becomes SHOP! in France also

[] Point of Purchase Association International, or POPAI, the Chicago-based industry organisation that brings together advertisers and providers interested in retail marketing, changed its name to SHOP! Since then, local affiliations have gradually followed. As of sept-15th, one of the main European circuits, POPAI France, has become SHOP!

Fun fact! At the same occasion, the awards will change. When in the 1600s ships from America began bringing tobacco back to England, a carved Indian was used in front of the tobacco shops so that passers-by would know what was being sold inside. The cigar shop Indian is considered to be the 1st point-of-sale advertising material. Following demands of our Amerindian friends, we say "au revoir" to the cigar shop Indian, though we were happy to have received two of the last ones.

Shelf-based display with stopper

Shelf-based display with stopper

[] It’s not easy to stand out amongst similar items in grocery stores. Clients do not buy a product they do not see, by definition. That's the challenge in a nutshell for any primary placement ...

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The role of graphics & imagery in point-of-purchase display

[] To convey a message, a mood or a ‘vibe’, point of sale vehicles create all kinds of signage or visual communications at the heart of the point of sale, the ultimate place for purchase decision. Brands know that graphics and imagery influence buying behaviour.

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Promo floorstand for GOED pharmacies

[] Early this year, GOED pharmacies launched its monthly magazine, featuring among others promotional offers for the well-being range. GOED entrusted us with the challenge to translate this experience to the pharmacy. We proposed this set of four floorstanding display materials. Solidly constructed in metal for a longer life, they are equipped with a transparent box to hold various articles, and a replaceable cardholder. Because of their size, they can be used just about anywhere in the pharmacy.

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POPAI Awards 2022: Tiger Balm counter-top

[] Let's face it. Shopping consumers are not easy to impress. Always in a hurry, they make decisions in the blink of an eye, almost automatically. Some in-store initiatives have the power to stop them in front of an offer. To be effective, there’s no need to shout. It’s all about offering that magical - yet complex - balance between product, branding, display, materials, colours, and graphics. And then, the miracle happens: seeing is buying.

Yesterday, a jury of marketing experts nominated our Tiger Balm counter-top display for the prestigious POPAI Award. Thank you for this nomination!

Visual Merchandising for Food, Beverages & Groceries

[] In grocery stores, food and beverage brands want to sell their offer in the best conditions possible. They can use various merchandise techniques to present articles, sets or assortments, and to tempt visitors. The potential is great, but how to succeed food and beverage merchandising in hyper and supermarkets?

Click below for a demonstration, tips and tricks with examples.

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Milka 360° tower

[] Which extra-visibility tool is best to launch a novelty in retail? For the introduction of Milka's hazelnut spread, Mondelēz International chose to deploy our 360° tower display.

Solidly made from Milka purple metal, it offers 360° product exposure on 5 levels. Embellished with recognizable imagery, its communication power remains excellent regardless of its location in-store.

This display initiative has been a huge success, because of its ease of installation, the enthusiasm of Mondelez’ representatives and its impact on shopping consumers. Easy to dispatch, easy to install, easy to replenish; that’s the challenge in a nutshell for any successful merchandising support.


[] With home accessories for every room the Riverdale brand is dedicated to fashionable living. Riverdale translates passion for style in this high-end presentation for its home fragrance set, which includes diffusers, candles, sprays and refills. This low double-sided gondola is a pleasure for the eyes, made of metal and wood with gold and marble accents for an ever-changing collection in a luxurious setting. We saw this POP installation in a garden center. Job well done, Riverdale!

POS Display: the Best Strategies for OTC & Parapharmacy

[] Since the pharmacy is the place where healthcare professionals provide impartial advice to patients, product advertising remains delicate. Stocked with merchandise at the fingertips of visitors, display materials are powerful three-dimensional advertisements for themselves. They play an important role in promoting sales. In this article we take a closer look at the locations that the display solutions can conquer.

For examples, tips & tricks, click below.

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Champagne Glorifier

[] Our favorite type of display is probably the glorifier. Creating a 3-dimensional visual experience, a glorifier sets the perfect scene to theatrically bring out the product’s qualities. Allowing for unrivalled creativity, this display material offers a unique chance to innovate with eye-rubbing shapes. After all, your point-of-sale devices are the expression of your brand's creative force. Make it pop! The best way to attract and convert prospects is to WOW! them.

We made this glorifier for Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte's Palmes d’Or, the prestige vintage brut from the brand that inspires to break free from codes and conventions. It's entirely made of solid metal for a longer lifetime.

Countertop Display: the most direct product advertisement

[] Countertop display plays an important role to promote impulse driven brands and products. But how to develop a countertop display that drives sales? That convinces and leaves a lasting impression? And what are the different types?

For examples, tips & tricks, click below.

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Self-service shopping for make-up with POP display

[] Shopping for makeup and cosmetics is one of the most sophisticated, yet intimate, buying experiences. The items are divers, small, often irregularly shaped, with atypical packaging; the risk that something goes wrong in an selfserve, or open-sell, scenario cannot be underestimated. Retail displays are an important part of the beauty industry. What’s the recipe for an effective makeup fixture? We are happy to share some tips and tricks for the most glamourous display solution.

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[] The construction materials company Knauf innovates with PerfectWall, the 1st complete wall system. The innovation is introduced in DIY stores with this comprehensive shelf-on-shelf communication. An interactive tool allows amateur DIY enthusiasts to consult a large selection of surface ready decorations. A real attention grabber, build around a friendly, neighbourhood DIY expert. And of course, it looks great.

Click below to read more about POP display solutions for DIY, home & interior.

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Neuhaus Easter window display

[] Easter is the perfect time to celebrate the tender blossoming of the meadows ... colourful flowers spreading ... the awakening of the bees. We were honored to join in on the Neuhaus’ team to make this Easter window display. In the center of attention yet another piece of true craftsmanship created by Neuhaus’ Maîtres Chocolatiers, an astonishing 100 kg chocolate beehive in a glorifying spring setting. The hunt for chocolate Easter eggs is open, and not only for the youngest. Happy Easter Holiday to all!

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Glorify with display spirits or beer brands in hospitality venues

[] Just as they do for retail stores, spirit producers and distillers are looking for effective ways to stand out in bars, pubs, restaurants, and hotels. To arouse desire and curiosity, or to reinforce notoriety, display materials can provide a cost-effective solution to differentiate premium brands and to bring visitors a memorable experience.
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[] We saw this display material for Wooderful life’s music boxes in a specialty toy store. Made from sustainably sourced wood, each set is associated with heartwarming music. Wooderful life’s cabinet combines ageless design and interactivity: a small touch device allows the younger shop visitors to let the melodies flow onto the shopfloor. It’s classical wooden design invites to fall in love with wood again! With its bright light, this quality offer will not get unnoticed.

Le French Make-up
Retail Shelving

[] This shelf for the make-up range of the brand Le French Make-up is made of acryle and metal with interchangeable visuals. It is also equipped with led-lighting and storage for products that could not be placed in the rack. Le French Make-up has been successfully launched in supermarkets and hypermarkets with three types of shelfs by Pilotes: 650 and 950 mm wide, and a power wing.


[] To highlight its environmental design, this countertop display for PANASONIC’s Eneloop is produced from unconventional natural materials: bamboo, cobblestone, natural resin, moss and bark. The design corresponds to the identity of this range and is based on 100% recyclability.

[VIDEO] Carrefour Flash promises to get the shopping done in record time

[] Carrefour has just launched its very first connected convenience store in Paris. And unlike other models, the customer does not need to register. The artificial intelligence, developed by the Californian start-up AiFi, creates an avatar of the customer who will be observed from the beginning to the end of his or her shopping journey. To pay for their purchases, customers go to one of the touchscreen tablets, capable of listing in a second their shopping basket. All that's left is to pay, obviously contactless.
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