As part of our commitment against climate change since 2013, Pilotes aspires eco-friendly designs for sustainable POP solutions. With externally recognised and continuously improving eco-design methods, we measure and strive to avoid or reduce environmental and climate impacts. For you to fully understand the impacts of your POP material, we assess its life cycle and calculate its eco-score ...

... but avoiding and reducing impact is not the same as compensating.

Since 2022, we have decided to contribute further to global carbon neutrality. We compensate part of the unavoidable emissions from your POP materials. From our sustainability plan emerge carbon credits, verified by Bureau Veritas.

Today, we are proud of our long-term partnership with EcoTree*. Together, we invest in restoring forests and biodiversity on depleted local farmland.

Forests are vital in combating climate change. When you work with us, you contribute locally and directly to the creation of carbon sinks.

* EcoTree creates natural carbon sinks by maintaining and protecting European forests, including their ecosystems. As a protector of the beauty and biodiversity of forests, EcoTree informs the public and policymakers about the urgent need for forest care.

In the winter of 2022/2023, EcoTree planted 3,437 trees (oaks, douglas and cedars) for Pilotes on a 2.25-hectare site in Brittany (FR). This forest is expected to absorb and store 916 tonnes of CO2 eq from the atmosphere, certified by Veritas. (read more).