Team Pilotes actively contributes to carbon neutrality through its commitment to ecological and societal values, and three core strategies: AVOID, REDUCE, and OFFSET.

AVOID emissions

  • Preference for less impactful raw materials (recycled raw materials or made from renewable resources)
  • Extend the lifespan of the materials
  • Rethink and optimize existing materials
  • Better reconcile the production quality and quantities to the needs
  • Material library with impacts

REDUCE what cannot be avoided

  • Measure carbon footprint of our products through a certified Life Cycle Analysis
  • Study multi-criteria footprints (six criteria)
  • Manufacture locally (86%)
  • Decarbonize our activity through a climate strategy
  • Commit to a CSR policy, advantageous to our employees and all other stakeholders

OFFSET unavoidable emissions by creating a carbon sink

Through its partner EcoTree*, PILOTES invests in the creation of a forest, accessible to the public.

3,437 trees (oak, douglas, and cedar) will be planted during the winter of 2022/2023 on a 2.25-hectare agricultural land in Lanthegonnet forest in Morbihan (Brittany, France).

The forest is expected to absorb and store 916 tonnes atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), certified by Veritas.

By implementing these measures with the support of our loyal clients, team PILOTES is carrying out tangible and local efforts towards reducing carbon emissions.

* EcoTree plants and nurtures natural carbon sinks by preserving and safeguarding European forests, including their vital ecosystems. Advocate for the beauty and biodiversity of forests, EcoTree shares and explains the urgent need to care for forests with the public and those in power.