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Did you miss our updates on LinkedIn? To inspire you in the field of point-of-sale, merchandising and shopper design, here's a compilation of our most read news, tips and articles. Thank you for reading this edition, we hope you'll enjoy.


Cabinet CBD High Society

HIGH SOCIETY, creator of high quality CBD, was looking for a quality, lifestyle cabinet to display CBD products in tobacco shops, and reinforce their notoriety and positioning in this segment.

→ Our answer: a cabinet made of wood for an authentic and natural look, completed by a bright logo. Made of tempered glass, the top of the cabinet offers space for the display of the assortment. The two lower levels allow to segment the offer; and thanks to the dividers facilitate presentation. Closed by a door, the lower part offers an easily accessible storage area. Final tip: castors make it easy to move the cabinet!

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Floordisplay SMEG

While we shop, nothing stimulates our visual cortex better than light. Plus, light clicks the eyes in an elegant way. Double win for this floor-standing display unit for the small domestic appliances by the Italian manufacturer Smeg SpA.

→ We have made this display using a combination of 100% natural and thermo-coated wood. The latter gives it a stylish ultra-gloss finish. Finally, it is equipped with a lit chrome logo and LED rails embedded under the shelves, to attract buyers’ attention in the most elegant way possible.

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How brands win the race for attention of shoppers

Today’s economy revolves around attention, or how businesses can capture and harvest attention.The point of sale gives advertisers access to consumers when they demonstrate commercial intent. Visitors come to the shop also to see something unique or discover new ideas. Or they want to be inspired and advised.

What can shopper marketeers do to ensure that shoppers are stimulated? And how do they keep their attention? What can they learn from the rise of the attention economy?

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SHop! Le Salon:
Come and meet us!

The epic Marketing at Retail Show has a new name and it's SHOP! Le Salon. Mark your calendars for April 4-6, 2023, in Paris - Porte de Versailles!

This is THE event for all your marketing solutions to make your brand shine at the point of sale. During 3 days you will find an exceptional program of more than 40 conferences, related to the main themes of our market: CSR, green, merchandising, retail design, …

SHOP! Le Salon is there not only for retail professionals but for anyone who is interested in the act of buying. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and network with professionals in your field!

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Visual merchandising in supermarkets for food, beverages & groceries
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