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For those who do not follow us yet on LinkedIn, we propose a compilation of our most read news and articles in the field of retail marketing, point-of-sale visibility and shopper design.

3 Valentine Window for Neuhaus

We were happy to join the inventor of the Belgian praline for its Valentine shop window display. A soft-colored range of displays tells a story of love. It links back to the original heritage of the brand: the eye-catching gift boxes. They bring the exquisite range of chocolate treats to life in an exciting and ultimate love story. We made these displays from plexi, resine, paper and led-lightning.

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3 Moët Hennessy Diageo year-end display

These were deployed at the busy year-end period: the new Moët Hennessy Diageo displays to present its exceptional spirits selection on 5 levels. Each of these levels is staggered to create a visual break and make the display stand out. The fine tubular structure gives a modern look and a great visual lightness. Several eye-catching communication supports help to clarify the offer.

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Due to obvious circumstances, POPAI and its partner Reed Expositions announces that the 2020 editions of MARKETING @ RETAIL + POPAI AWARDS PARIS have been postponed to May 26-28, 2020 in Paris - Porte de Versailles.
Same place, the ☀ and a few more degrees, and even more news to present you ...

In the meantime, are you looking for the best retail solutions? With Pilotes' imagination and expertise, we help you develop your next point-of-sale communication to sublimate your offer with bespoke, multi-material and eco-designed instore solutions.

3 Retail shelves: 3 ways to make your product stand out

To stand out on retail shelves, a shelf-talker or shelftalker is undoubtedly the most used merchandising tool. Often equipped with a tray to sublimate your offer, a shelf-talker allows to isolate an article from competing offer and to set it into its own universe. Saving a brand from relative anonimity on shelves, it catches the eye of shoppers, highlights the packaging or underlines a promotion. The width of the linear tray guarantees a number of facings presented on the store shelf.

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3 Market & Trends


Store Stories: shops adapt their design to Instagram

Social networks have changed the customer journey, the store is no longer necessarily the place of transaction ... it has become a source of inspiration, sharing and communication ... Monochromy, photo studios, pop-up collaborations... The points of sale are designed to be instagramable. Which techniques work? ...

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How architecture and design can support a retailer's story

A jury member of the 2020 PMG Retail Design Award explains how the focus of retail concepts shifts to authenticity and sustainability. The design, use of colours and materials and lighting must support the retailer's story, reflected in the best possible way. How big is the effect of design and architecture on sales?

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7 golden tips to create maximum impact with instore communication

In the digital age, the physical store seems to be losing impact. Nothing could be further from the truth. Physical stores remain an important point of contact. Physical stores offer more confidence and contribute to an authentic shopping and brand experience.

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3 5 Key Elements of Visual Merchandising

There are five elements to visual merchandising that apply regardless of where the display is or what's being marketed. Proper merchandising turns a passive looker into an active buyer. Creating the best display requires an understanding of each aspect and working with them to create a cohesive display. There's a lot of creativity involved and there's no single solution to any visual merchandising problem, but the effectiveness relies on a visual merchandiser's ability to incorporate and balance all the elements.

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How to successfully apply colourblocking in visual merchandising ?
How to stand out and ultimately give your customers a recognizable visual experience ?
Why should merchandising matter to you ?
Up to 76% of customer purchase decisions are made at store's department level. Merchandising offers opportunities to generate revenue.
5 golden rules for an effective POP-material
A display remains the ideal merchandising medium to bring your products to the attention of shoppers in retail spaces ...
How to impact retail sales with point-of-purchase displays ?
A point-of-purchase (POP) or point-of-sale (POS) display is a marketing material used to merchandise an article or a product range ...
Shopping experience, what are we talking about?
Shoppers aren't just buying a product; they're also buying an experience.
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