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For those who do not follow us yet on LinkedIn, we propose a compilation of our most read news and articles in the field of retail marketing, point-of-sale visibility and shopper design.


2 Shop window display for Neuhaus

We proudly teamed up with Créateur Chocolatier Neuhaus marketing team to make & install these brightly "enlightened" windows for Neuhaus' Countdown to Happiness pop-up advent calendar. Single product shop window display are the most powerful.


3 Fragrance "to go" shelf

To introduce a new range of handy fragrance formats, SEPHORA and PILOTES teamed up. Made of metal, the display incorporates bright lighting. A communication space allows each brand to express itself. Triangle boxes present the products in an suprising unusual manner. Innovative presentation for more visual impact !

POPAI, le salon
5 golden rules for an effective POP material

Even though the digital retail trade is flourishing, a display remains the ideal merchandising medium to bring your products to the attention of shoppers in retail sales spaces. Sales displays are appreciated by brand marketers and retailers to facilitate purchase and stimulate sales, to make retail spaces interesting and exciting ...

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Happy New Year 2020
Market and trends

Six retail design trends changing the shopper experience

In times of digitisation, physical stores take on a new role: The experience moves into the centre of its raison d'ĂȘtre. What impact does this have on the design of retail spaces? What must the shops of the future do to lure customers from their sofas and into the city for shopping?

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Physical vs. online - Physical shopping offers many advantages

According to an American study for Google, this is mainly due to convenience. In the physical supermarket, shoppers have years of experience in finding products, discovering new products, compare and consider purchase. Although American retail significantly differs, the study provides interesting insights:

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The expectations of Belgian consumers towards retailers

While traditional concerns - price, merchandise and convenience - remain predominant for Belgian consumers, especially when it comes to his grocery shopping, Altavia's Retail Barometer 2019 notes the persistence of the "finding what I am looking for"-criterion.

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