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Did you miss our updates on LinkedIn? Here's a compilation of our most read news, tips and articles to inform and inspire you in the field of point-of-sale marketing, retail merchandising and shopper design. Thank you for reading us, we hope you'll enjoy :)

3 MHD countertop material for tasting

Moët Hennessy Diageo commissioned us to create a tool that encourages visitors of specialty liquor stores to discover and taste terroir driven malts in the absence of the whiskey master. Our answer: this communicative counter material makes the path to purchase tasteful. Made from black PMMA and wood, it orients users through the places and ingredients from which a selected range is fashioned. Each brand is presented with its tasting flask. Sliding extensions create opportunities for further information and self-education.

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3 Nocibe gondola for perfume miniatures

This gondola showcases a new range of mini perfumes (up to 25 ml), an exciting and budget friendly (25 to 45 €) way to discover and test new fragrances at the beauty specialist NOCIBE. This solid fixture made of metal comes in 2 parts and is easily assembled onto the fixed store installations, together with the merchandising accessories. The range is equipped with scent bells (secured with an anti-theft device) to allow interested customers to smell the fragrances on offer. White bell for women, black bell for men. Visual supports allow for brands to shine.

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3 How to make the ideal POP display for your brand ?

A point of purchase display is by definition a contextual solution with a clear goal: make brands and products shine in-store. This communication must therefore be impactful, its main advantage. The aesthetics and presentation must be adapted to the product, its target audience and brand.
From scratch to installation, 5 steps guide the development process of your POP material that successfully meets commercial and communication objectives.

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3 Market & Trends


[EN] Urban fulfillment centers: central, fast, automated

How the coronavirus pandemic changes the way we use retail spaces? Today, shops welcome consumers that got used to on-line buying and home delivery. This is the opportunity for physical retail environments to free up precious space (and time) to allow feature products to shine, to facilitate product storytelling and to let the shopper fully experience products.

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[FR] Les 19 grandes tendances pour 2021 (et au-delà)

Boom de l’intelligence artificielle, client connecté, RSE pour accélérer la transition écologique, utilisation plus rigoureuse des réseaux sociaux à l’échelle locale, espaces de vente dans les hypermarchés, robotique au service de la gestion des rayons, boom du ReCommerce …

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[NL] Zelfpluk kruidentuin bij Albert Heijn XL

Door de lockdowns zijn consumenten afhankelijker geworden van het voedselaanbod van supermarkten. De strijd om ze te behouden is begonnen. Albert Heijn's zelfpluk kruidentuin haakt in op de groeiende vraag naar verse kruiden, inspiratie en culinaire ervaringen thuis. Het design van de afdeling draagt de culinaire ambities van Albert Heijn's XL-formaat op spectaculaire wijze uit.

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