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For those who do not follow us yet on LinkedIn, we propose a compilation of our most read news and articles in the field of point-of-sale marketing, retail visibility and shopper design.

3 Hollywood chewing-gum with Oral‑B Technology

Hollywood (Mondelēz International) and Oral-B join forces to offer a fluor-enriched recipe, a mineral that's essential for building strong teeth. We developed 4 complementary instore solutions to mark this introduction in supermarkets. Two highlight the innovation in the busy checkout area: an on-shelf frame + a "easy space" fixed with magnetics to the shelves. And two extra-visibility solutions on the shopfloor: a playful side-cap and a floorstanding display unit. Oral-B technology is getting you one step closer to that "Hollywood smile".

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3 On-shelf solution

Introducing a new set in a category can be tricky. With so many choices on the shelves, it's a challenge to get noticed from the beginning! Pilotes takes care of grabbing shopper attention with 100% made to measure on-shelf solutions! The ➕ of this POP material: a case made of metal for a long-standing dedicated space ➕ the wooden frame breaks the monotony of the shelves ➕ good visibility on the differentiating packaging ➕ bright color palette ➕ maximum impact ➡ the ideal solution for this product launch in bio shops. After all, you only get one chance to make a 1st impression.

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3 POP display: Think materials !

Wood, metal, plastic, glass, ... the materials of POP display influence shoppers in many ways. When you are considering a POP display solution you need to think about the suitability of materials to use.

There are many different factors to consider when choosing the best materials to use, let's take a look at them.

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3 Market & Trends


8 secrets of how people shop

As you enter a supermarket and browse the shelves, you are tired, annoyed, indifferent and pressed for time. You don't really enjoy shopping, right? End in the end you deserve a reward, don't you? Do you think you make rational shopping decisions?

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Ook een retailer moet zichzelf vermerken!

Katelijn Quartier, docente en onderzoekster in retail design aan de Universiteit van Hasselt, over winkelconcepten, belevingsgericht ontwerpen en als winkel 'een verhaal vertellen'. Geen dure buzzwoorden, zo blijkt.

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Merchandising : des outils performants et percutants !

Aujourd'hui, les distributeurs recherchent des solutions plus durables pour leur point de vente grâce à des matériaux qualitatifs ou du mobilier pérenne. L'idée est de développer la proximité, la boutique d'un artisan, un esprit de spécialistes. C'est une des réflexions à lire dans cet article …

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3 #POPwelldone


On-Shelf Frame

Starbucks is now available in supermarkets, in some with this extra-visibility material. With a wooden frame the coffee brand gives its shelf location a natural and quality appearance. A stopping-power sign is placed perpendicular to the shelves, noticeable from a great distance. Well executed, according to Starbucks DNA.

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Cross-merchandising material

The effectiveness of a display material doesn't only rely on how spectacular it is. Even the simplest material can have a great impact. This on-shelf cross-merchandising material for Lenor brings together complementary products that are consumed together. Smart !

Floorstanding display unit
Hei Poa

We spotted this POP material in a pharmacy. It presents a range of skin and hair care based on Monoï, an infused perfume made from handpicked flower petals. The display made from wood elegantly brings authenticity and a natural touch to the communication. A structure made from multiplex, 3 layers of stained wood, provides stability and mechanical strength. A real eye-catcher!

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