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For those who do not follow us yet on LinkedIn, we propose a compilation of our most read news and articles in the field of retail marketing and point-of-sale communication.


2 Endcap for Milka

This end cap for Milka is placed at the end of an aisle near to the checkout, grabbing customers' attention as they wait to pay. We created a concept featuring a dynamic, modernistic design, incorporating illuminated edges and graphic panels to give the unit an increased brightness. Construction materials used in the building of the display -colorful metals and woods, are inspired by the Milka story.


3 How about creating engaging customer interactions ?

Safe bet with this premium set for trade activations with hospitality venues, such as bars, restaurants and hotels. Choice for leather and woods reflects the brand heritage, creating a high-quality look & feel, as well as being easy to use. For the first time, we have partnered with Brown-Forman to offer bartenders and waiters engaging tasting moments.


If you are about to review your assortment, this is the right time to reflect on 5 pitfalls that can sabotage successful visual organization of your merchandise, display and sales promotion. The result: more control over shopping experiences, satisfaction and sales …

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Market and trends

Carrefour walk-in drive for pedestrians.

In the middle of Brussels' busy European quarter, Carrefour Belgium innovates with a walk-in drive for pedestrians. Doubling the assortment of the Express market, the concept brings Hypermarket-prices and promotions to an urban neighborhood. Order a minimum of 30eur before noon and pick-up from 4pm. A real extra service for 'euronistas'.

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IKEA opens central Paris store

Yet another larger retail format develops growth dynamics in a city neighborhood. Parisian fans for affordable design furniture will no longer need to schlep to the suburbs to shop at the iconic furniture retailer, as a new Ikea has opened in the heart of the city in a new format to go with it.

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H&M is testing new installations

Using the warm codes of a comfortable home with cosy corners, seats, carpets, coffee tables, flowers and plants, H&M invites customers to stroll comfortably between the more-spaced racks, to encourage wellbeing, to buy and to come back, .... The goal of any successful shopping experience is to retain customers by associating pleasant moments in his shopping journey.

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Popai Awards - The Nominees 2019
POPAI awards 2019

The POPAI Awards Paris is the leading showcase for retail marketing achievements and a true innovation hub. The nominees of the 56th edition of the contest are regarded as the most inspirational and innovative achievements in POP advertising.

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