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For those who do not follow us yet on LinkedIn, we propose a compilation of our most read news and articles in the field of retail marketing and point-of-sale communication.


2 'Destination beauty' in a grocery environment

Our teams developed this boutique experience for a very feminine universe at super/hypermarkets Système U: use of multi materials, including wood for a warm and comfortable feel, vivid colours add vitality without shouting, a bright, visually appealing atmosphere seducing shoppers to engage, ergonomic, adaptation to existing shelves and fully modular for evolutionary merchandising ... A powerful weapon of differentiation in this very strategic category.


3 How to stand out on retail shelves ?

Premium brand for canned vegetables, Cassegrain, innovates with its new concept of vegetable spreads to share. Cassegrain entrusted us the instore appearance of this introduction. In an elegant and practical on-shelf unit, shoppers meet the premium values of the brand, the subtlety of the recipes, southern tastes and original associations.

Why should merchandising matter to you ?

Research shows that up to 76% of purchase decisions are made at store's department level. Considering this observation, merchandising offers opportunities to promote sales ...

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Market and trends

Freezing shopping experience

Canada Goose is turning the dressing room into a freezer. The ability to experience the feel of a coat at a given temperature is a smart concept that removes a key barrier to consumer purchase.

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Can you run a campaign through the nose?

Sure! Here's an example! Dewar's highly disruptive and engaging travel retail campaign intrigues the visual and scent senses of millennials. Vaporizing technologies transform premium aged single-malts into liquid vapour. Thumbs up!

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Innovation in a food-to-go space

Stach is a chain of 15 stores, most of which are in Amsterdam, with a focus on artisan and food-to-go range. Impressive combination of specialty food, food-for-now, with instore seating designed to encourage leisure and meeting friends. As boundaries in retail blur, this format is fusional in a happy balance.

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Popai Awards Paris 2019
Shopping Experience
How light, motion and sound influence shopper behaviour

As shoppers increasingly expect shopping experiences, breaking through the "noise" and driving behaviour challenges many brands and retailers. POPAI UK conducted a shopper research to measure the impact of an on-shelf experience. Check out the report for tips on how to increase engagement and opportunities to increase sales.

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