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For those who do not follow us yet on social media, we propose today a compilation of our most read news and articles in the field of retail marketing and point-of-sale communication.

Check this out

1 Check this out! (pun intended)

We developed these checkout shelvings to meet multiple objectives: incorporate new shopping behaviour, generous comforting presentation, improved visibility, dynamic look & feel, ease of access with an innovative pivoting door … Pilotes reorganizes the merchandising of the gum category and its visibility to promote sales. It's all in the design and this is visually appealing!

Take the lead

2 How to take the lead in interior shops?

With its Evocations instore communication, paint brand Guittet puts a range of 125ml testers and colour samples available for consumers. Subliming a world of colour and refinement, the 128 samples that make up this decorative collection are neatly organized in a space of confidence, discovery and inspiration.


Display Physalis

3 How to tempt shoppers for quality herbal supplements?

Safe bet with this remarkable countertop presentation for the new Physalis synergy range. An elegant and refined look, solidly made from metal and wood to extend the lifetime on the counter.


4 Shimano's saddle selector

How do I find the perfect saddle? A question that every cyclist will be familiar with. With its instore saddle selector, a communication aid at specialized outlets, Shimano's sub-brand for bike gear sets you on the right track for a comfortable ride. Smart!

Shopping Experience
Shopping experience, yeah! But, what are we talking about?

Every retail marketing professional agrees on this point: when shopping offline, consumers aren't just buying a product; they're buying an experience. But what are we talking about? How about brands and retailers develop experience ...

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We will be pleased to support you with the realisation of your customised displays for the point-of-sale.


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Company updates

New printing and cutting tables

New printing and cutting tables

Installed this summer and now fully operational, our new printing and cutting tables offer many advantages for our customers: more reactivity, more efficiency, more flexibility for the realization of prototypes and mini-series!

Honey harvest

Honey harvest

The harvest of our honey is always a festive event at Pilotes! This year we took advantage of the presence of our partners to share this moment of conviviality and to discover the fabulous world of bees. Another very nice harvest!

Exchange day with our partners

Exchange day with our partners

Objectives of this day with our partners: strengthen our collaboration, co-develop sustainability and eco-design strategies, co-develop sourcing strategies and traceability, define a common calendar of commitments and actions ...


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The preferred advertising channels of the French

According to a recent POPAI/Harris Interactive Barometer, compared to 4 other types of advertising, instore is most preferred, most useful, most convincing and least intrusive. Instore advertising grabs consumers' attention and encourages purchase the most.

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