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The Pilotes team wishes you a happy 2022
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1 Counter-top display TIGER BALM

We created this counter-top display to activate the Tiger Balm brand in pharmacies. It combines bamboo and metal for a premium long-lasting presentation of five natural balms. A golden front with an embossed logo conveys the brand's notorious history. With its consistent and recognizable color palette, this dynamic presentation will not go unnoticed by pharmacy clients. Seeing is buying!

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2 Christmas window display YVES ROCHER

Bring in the magic of Christmas! That was the objective set by Yves Rocher for the end-of-year windows of their shop network. The story is beautiful and poetic: "At nightfall, in the heart of an enchanted forest, golden light draws us into a magical world. At Christmas, the animals that inhabit this tree bring us gifts." Our creative, design, production teams gave their all to tell this imaginative story in stores.

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2 7 types of in-store messaging ... or how to influence shopper behaviour?

As consumers push their shopping cart through shops, an overwhelming number of messages are trying to trigger their over-stimulated brain.

In this article we look at the types of instore messaging that the shopper comes across before actually deciding to buy. Because the majority of his or her decisions are influenced by emotions, the most effective instore communication appeals to the heart.

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