Who are we ?

PILOTES is a team of designers and engineers who have creativity and confirmed industrial knowledge.

With over 20 years in retail marketing, we use the magic of combining imagination and technical know-how to tackle our clients' in-store challenges. Keeping up with the latest trends, our designers and engineers drive product & brand visibility, improve the impact, surprise and delight for shoppers who use the materials. Along with our manufacturing partners we ensure quality and agility.

Family owned and operated, we are located in northern France, near Lille. We also have a commercial office in Brussels.

Relevant and bold creations100%
Adapted and ingenious designs100%
Quality build, finish and service100%
Lead times respected100%

What we believe in

In a world of constant change, this is how we approach every project. Our values ​​are embedded in our DNA, guiding our day-to-day actions and our relationships:


Design that wins hearts and minds is both intuitive and beautiful.


A permanent desire to build good, strong, lasting relationships with associates, customers, partners ...


Quality of our services, quality of our products, quality of our relationships and quality of life for all.


A customer-focus mindset, team-spirit and long-term relationships with our partners.


Preserve the planet, limite our footprint, think long-term and tackle waste and degradation


Our working dynamics promote collaboration and co-creation. It delivers better results, closer alignment and it's more enjoyable.

Our product range

Point of sale display

Point of sale display

Whether your goal is to draw attention to an innovation, sublime a product, promote an offer ... our teams will accompany you to develop the most effective, tailor-made permanent display unit.

Digital display unit

Digital display unit

Display with a digital screen, a touch-screen, connected screens, interactive terminals, ... our team integrates the most relevant and effective digital solution in your display unit.

Countertop display

Counter display unit

A top-of-counter display is the perfect space-saving material, maximizing limited space potential.

Counter or floor glorifier


A glorifier creates a three-dimensional visual experience around an article, theatralisation intended to spectacularly bring out the article's qualities or characteristics.

Retail shelving

Retail shelving

Focusing on action and shopping experience, rethink the shelf from where you sell using an adapted merchandising approach; among others, these are the advantages of the specific shelving we develop.

Retail fixture

Retail fixture

Specialist in multi-material solutions, we develop commercial fixtures without limit of choice of materials in metal, plastic, wood, glass, ...

Shop in shop


The shop-in-shop creates an exclusive area entirely dedicated to a brand or a product range in a department store or in hypermarkets. Real mini-shop, they create an eye-catching visual experience, deliver turnover and convey the brand's DNA.

Gondola retail shelving


Custom shelving conveys a brand's codes while glorifying the product range. Set out over several levels, the range is quickly readable by the shopper thanks to adapted and relevant organizations and an optimal layout.

End cap

Placed at the end of an aisle to highlight a brand or product range, an endcap is associated with a display or commercial fixture. Easy to roll-out, they can be developed to carry and update varying communications.

Sommelier plinth

A sommelier plinth is the best option for presenting a range on counters of hotels, bars and restaurants. These materials can display a series of spirits for an exclusive tasting experience.


Shelf talkers or stoppers, shelf valorizations or limpet displays, ... we offer all types of communication, merchandising and cross-merchandising solutions, a wide range of custom presentations that stand out from competing offers.


The better option to make your brand stand out in a multi-brand environment is an attractive item that is purely focused on your brand name or logo.

How can we help?

Whatever the challenge, we have the skills and experience to help. Let's talk !

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Whatever the challenge, we have the skills and experience to help. Let's talk !


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